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Janney is committed to protecting the privacy and security of our clients’ personal information through our mission “to be the highest standard in financial relationships.”

Controls and Protections

Our security and information protection strategy is based on both industry and international best practices. Our strategy protects Janney data from outside threats by using perimeter protections, network and systems level protections, data access controls, and third party partner protections, configured according to defined policies. We also use our own internal auditing resources, consultants, and participate in Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) audits to test our systems.

Online Account Security

Your online access is protected by a multi-tiered, firewalled data environment that uses adaptive authentication to protect your account information and financial data, with a series of sophisticated monitoring and verification features to ensure appropriate activity within our systems. The strong authentication verifies behavior and restricts access only to authorized capabilities, while the network segmentation limits the interactive ability of the Internet-facing systems to only provide the desired access. These online capabilities to report and track information tie in with the personalized attention of a Financial Advisor. Any cash movement activities – such as withdrawals or transfers between accounts – can only be completed using multiple factors of authentication including a PIN via text or voice to a client phone number on file at Janney. Any attempts to change client profile data can only be completed after validation through a Financial Advisor.   

Employee Education and Commitment

Our associates are directed to Janney Information Security and Privacy Policies annually for review and signoff that they understand and abide by those policies. Associates are instructed through our antimoney laundering and ethics training how to recognize and prevent data loss and fraudulent activity, and the procedures for verifying the identity and authenticity of any client request. Janney’s leadership team and information security organization have demonstrated a commitment to data security by employing dedicated, information security and privacy professionals with decades of experience and by serving on various industry-wide data security roundtables and committees.


Every Janney employee takes their responsibility to protect client information seriously.