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Fixed Income Weekly Market Commentary

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This commentary, published by Janney Fixed Income Strategy & Research, covers key occurrences in economics, interest rates, agencies and corporates, and municipal bonds from the preceding week.

FI-Weekly-Header.JPGMarch 30, 2015:  The heavy and growing volume of M&A transactions underscores limited organic growth opportunities--and wide open corporate markets. Click here to read more.


  • Inventory growth in 2014 was more akin to a late-stage expansion than an economic recovery, but there’s no reason to be concerned about the signals inventory growth is sending.

  • The interaction between US and foreign interest rates is governed in the short term by the foreign exchange markets, including through one particular arbitrage relationship.

  • Will that $1bln purchase be on cash or credit? The wave of larger merger and acquisition deals speaks to current and ongoing corporate bond issuance.

  • Pennsylvania launched a program aimed at aging infrastructure, with a public-private partnership to replace 558 bridges around the state.