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Janney’s Equities group offers integration between our insightful research analysts, idea-oriented sales and trading professionals and experienced syndicate team - all with a singular focus on generating success for our clients.

Our specialists will help your business or portfolio generate superior returns with our comprehensive product offerings and exceptional client service. Our team, which is comprised of analysts, salespeople and traders, has one objective - to help clients reach their goals.

Equity Research

Janney Equity Research analysts concentrate on a select group of industries, affording a greater level of knowledge of our coverage universe. By digging deeper into select companies and industries, we pay closer attention to trends and can readily identify positions of opportunity, giving our clients a competitive edge. As a measure of our success, we’ve been recognized over the years for the quality and accuracy of our coverage by industry authorities including The Wall Street Journal and Financial Times/StarMine.

Equity Sales
Our equity sales team has years of industry experience, working with our clients to identify timely investment ideas. Janney provides coverage throughout the U.S. and Europe with 10 sales professionals in offices in Philadelphia, New York, Boston and Baltimore.  

Our experienced professionals understand the markets and tailor our products specifically to meet the needs of each client. We provide analyst and management access, helping to generate ideas to fit a client’s investment style and liquidity needs. At Janney, each salesperson’s goal is to become an extension of the client’s business, serving its needs through our institutional platform.

Equity Trading
Our 11 trading and sales trading professionals are seasoned, knowledgeable professionals making markets in more than 300 companies. Our institutional trading flow grows larger each day as we continue to build and maintain a reputation of excellence in the industry. As proof of our commitment to providing the highest quality execution, we received recognition by Pension & Investments, a leading industry publication, for Best Execution among Specialty Brokers for large trades more than 50,000 shares.

Our research and trading expertise in specific industries such as Healthcare, Infrastructure and Financial Institutions allows us to add even more value to our clients’ capital raising efforts. Janney is often highly ranked in trading market share. Our sales force puts through an effort that frequently outperforms our competitors in public offerings.

­­­­­­Equity Syndicate
The hallmark of our syndicate process is effective communication between the issuer and the buyer as well as excellent price discovery and execution of public offerings. Our team works with company management to knowledgeably price each offering. Effective pricing allows us to produce awareness and a high level of activity from our institutional and retail distribution base.