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Transition Process: Janney Jumpstart

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“We were able to move 100% of our business to Janney. Being able to continue to build upon the client relationships that we had invested so much time in made us extremely grateful. And we owe it all to the Janney’s smooth transition process and the home office support staff who were with us every step of the way.” -- Scheinker Investment Partners, Baltimore MD

Once you have made the decision to join Janney, we put a special transition team to work and start the process of seamlessly moving your business from another firm to ours. Janney’s support staff works to manage the necessary steps and paperwork to ensure a smooth transition.

A dedicated transition team will support you through an extensive pre-boarding and post-boarding process, in which we also supply you with important materials, including quick-start facts, letters, contact information, reference guides, marketing materials and more. We will also provide you with a timeline that lists crucial steps and objectives to help make your and your clients’ move to Janney as smooth as possible.

Many Financial Advisors have decided to move to Janney, and have been very pleased with the culture, support and client focus Janney offers. Contact us today to learn more about a possible future with Janney Montgomery Scott. 

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