Our experienced team uses a proactive approach, incorporating restructuring process expertise, financial and cash flow projections, comprehensive strategic guidance, and an understanding of potential sale or financing alternatives.

We serve as a strategic advisor and trusted partner throughout the entire restructuring process.

We believe that fast action preserves value and provides more positive outcomes.

How Janney Can Help

When a company is in financial distress and facing questions about its ability to survive, it can create a time of confusion and disbelief for owners and their executive team. The key is a quick and timely response. Our approach includes the following:

  • Evaluate potential rapid alternatives for raising cash through asset sales
  • Advise on the merits of an outright sale to preserve remaining value
  • Formulate a communication plan with adverse parties, including secured creditors and vendors
  • Focus intensely on speed to market and identification of strategic or financial acquirers balancing economic terms and certainty of closure

If your business is facing significant financial pressure in the current economic and market environment, we can help.

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