Our experienced team uses a proactive approach, incorporating restructuring process expertise, financial and cash flow projections, comprehensive strategic guidance, and an understanding of potential sale or financing alternatives.

We serve as a strategic advisor and trusted partner throughout the entire restructuring process.

We identify all potential alternatives and establish a realistic timetable for resolution.

How Janney Can Help

Many borrowers are faced with debt obligations that cannot be met, while most lenders are faced with both internal and or external pressures for resolution. We believe the only solution begins with a dialogue that identifies potential alternatives, outlines a way forward, and sets a realistic timetable for achieving an acceptable outcome.

Janney helps facilitate this dialogue and promotes realistic solutions by:

  • Analyzing and valuing a borrower’s existing assets and liabilities, including collateral coverage and borrowing base compliance
  • Assisting in negotiating forbearance agreements
  • Projecting 13-week cash flow requirements
  • Formulating a near-term debt restructuring, refinancing, and or asset divestment plan

If your business is facing significant financial pressure in the current economic and market environment, we can help.

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