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Retirement Income Planning

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You’ve spent your whole life working and building your nest egg. Now it’s time to put your assets to work so they can generate income for your retirement.

 As you approach the golden years, Janney’s Financial Advisors can help answer such questions as:

  • Should I consolidate my assets?
  • How can I generate income from my retirement savings?
  • Do I have enough money saved to pay my bills and afford a comfortable retirement?
  • Will my assets last through retirement?

Developing a Plan
Your Financial Advisor, along with Janney's Financial Planning Professionals, can create a plan to project a target income goal. Taking into consideration your monthly and annual expenses, current and future income sources and current market conditions, your Financial Advisor can help you identify a strategy to maximize the longevity of your assets.

Depending on the level and complexity of your retirement income needs, we can help with the following:

  • Develop a budget for every day expenses.
  • Provide multiple models for retirement spending patterns using a variety of analysis strategies.
  • Calculate required minimum distributions according to your projected tax bracket and new tax laws.
  • Propose solutions to help overcome projected shortfalls.

Investing for Income
With access to our comprehensive platform of investment solutions, your Financial Advisor can help you bolster your portfolio to create a sustainable income stream from your savings. Below is a list of products that may be used to fulfill your retirement income needs:

Mutual Funds
Managed Accounts
Municipal and Taxable Bond Ladders and CDs
Stock Dividends

Convenient Access to Your Retirement Assets
Janney offers the Janney Advantage cash management account for easy access to dividends, distributions, pensions and Social Security payments. Your Financial Advisor can set up a Janney Advantage account to help you manage your retirement cash flow and gain a clearer picture of your income and expenses.

Janney also offers MY NET WORTH, an online feature that lets you monitor both your Janney and non-Janney financial accounts from our secure Online Access website. This powerful tool can help you understand more about your complete financial picture.

Contact your Janney Financial Advisor to get started.