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Retirement Income & Cash Flow Planning

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For individuals who are close to retirement or who are already retired, your Janney Financial Advisor can create and implement a plan to help you to meet your cash flow needs and determine a sustainable level of retirement income to help you avoid outliving your assets.

Your Financial Advisor, together with the experienced Financial Planning staff at Janney, will work to develop a plan that addresses the key concerns you might face as a retiree, including inflation, longevity and healthcare, helping to reduce the risk they pose to your retirement. Together, they will work with you to implement a plan that addresses:

  • Helping you understand your future retirement distribution options
  • Providing you with information on benefits (such as long-term care) and the pros and cons of all available options
  • Projecting your ability to meet future retirement expenses by evaluating distribution options using several different spending and taxation methods

Your Financial Advisor will also help you manage your retirement assets to create an efficient source of income. Our open architecture allows us to derive income from multiple investment vehicles such as managed accounts, mutual funds, bonds, stock dividendsCDs, and annuities. With the addition of the Janney Advantage suite of cash management services, you can access your cash flow through checks, a debit card or ATM. 

Contact your Janney Financial Advisor to get started.