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If you are 10 to 15 years away from retirement, you are in a critical stage of readiness.
You have probably saved a considerable nest egg and now you need to balance growth with the need to preserve what you already have.  A retirement plan will help identify your retirement goals and develop an asset allocation that will help you balance growth and stability.

Your Financial Advisor and the experienced financial planning professionals at Janney will collaborate to develop a plan for you that considers the critical variables associated with retirement, including:

  • Analysis of your available resources (estimates social security, pensions, benefits, deferred comp evaluations, etc.)
  • Illustrations of your goals, funded by your available resources
  • Calculations of additional savings needed to maximize the probability of obtaining your retirement goals
  • Recommendations of appropriate savings vehicles (Roth vs. traditional IRAs, use of annuities and other savings strategies)
  • Advice, to help you understand your future retirement distribution options
  • Explanation of benefits (such as long-term care), which will provide you with necessary information, along with the pros and cons of each available option
  • Projection of your ability to meet your future retirement expenses by evaluating your distribution options using several different spending and taxation methods

Throughout the planning process, your Financial Advisor will continue to help you work towards your retirement goals by constructing a portfolio of investment vehicles for your specific savings needs. Your portfolio may include the use of managed accounts, mutual funds, bonds, stocks, ETFsannuities and other investments. Together with your Financial Advisor, you’ll determine the best mix of investments, account types and fee structure for you.

For individuals who are close to, or in retirement, our Retirement Income and Cash Flow Planning can help determine the annual amount you can comfortably spend during retirement. We can also make various recommendations that can help you make the most of the retirement savings you have.

Contact your Janney Financial Advisor to get started.