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Your Financial Advisor has expert knowledge regarding the various types of accounts we offer and can help answer questions relating to your particular account(s) with us. The links below provide an overview of the key features of your Janney account.   

Account Protection
Your assets held at Janney are protected in several ways. You receive protection from our strict compliance with the Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC) customer protection rules. In addition, you have account protection resulting from Janney’s membership in the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). You also receive additional insurance supplementing SIPC coverage, which is provided to you at Janney’s expense.

How SIPC protects investors

Janney Online Access
Our secure client account website offers up-to-date account information and resources related to your account and the markets including: 

  • Access to daily account activity and historical data for up to two years
  • Ability to manage your statement and proxy mailing preferences (electronic or paper)
  • Ability to view important tax information for your holdings, including cost basis, capital gains and tax forms (1099s)
  • Access to interactive charts and graphs that offer insight into your individual financial strategy
  • Janney's proprietary research on over 200 publicly traded companies
  • The latest market commentaries, business news and investor education
  • Access to your Janney Advantage Account for all of your online banking and bill-pay needs

Take a tour of our secure website

Electronic Delivery Services
Our electronic services include e-Delivery and online proxy and to help reduce the amount of paper statements delivered to your home. As a client, you can receive:

  • Statements monthly, quarterly and annually and view the previous two calendar years, plus the current year-to-date and December year-end statements since December 2000
  • Confirmations on all transactions, dating back two calendar years, plus all year-to-date transactions
  • Tax forms for current and past years since tax year 2001
  • Online proxy statements for annual proxy mailings for the individual securities you hold in your account (requires separate enrollment)

Automatic Direct Deposit Services
To establish direct deposit services via ACH, you will contact the institution from which you will be electronically transferring funds into your Janney Montgomery Scott brokerage account. Each institution will have instructions that require the following information:

    • Clients must have a Janney Advantage checking account number to initiate ACH’s. Please reach out to your financial advisor to establish a Janney Advantage checking account.
    • Clients with a Janney Advantage checking account can proceed with supplying the below instructions to their institution (please note that Bank of New York Mellon is the administrator for the Janney Advantage Banking Services product):
        1. The Bank of New York Mellon – 760 Moore Road, King of Prussia, PA 19406
        2. The Bank of New York Mellon Routing Number/ABA: 031100157
      3. Your Janney Montgomery Scott Checking Account Number

    We have joined forces with TurboTax® to offer download capability for reportable information of tax information for your account from your 1099-consolidated form. This service can help save valuable time and effort and help you avoid mistakes caused by typing your tax information into TurboTax®.

    Quicken® is a financial management product developed by Intuit, Inc. Quicken® allows you to monitor and manage all the standard aspects of your financial portfolio. Quicken® users have the ability to sort bills, organize and observe investment accounts, and generate expense reports. Quicken® data can also be loaded into TurboTax®, which allows users to prepare taxes with ease.

    Below are links which you might find helpful.

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    Client Account Services and Charges  - View a listing of the charges for various account services offered by Janney.

    Money Market Rates - View the current rates on money markets available to our clients.

    Privacy Statement - Learn how Janney safeguards your privacy 

    Contact your Janney Financial Advisor to get started.