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Protecting the privacy and security of your financial and personal information is a top priority at Janney. It’s part of our mission “to be the highest standard in financial relationships.”

Top Professionals to Protect Your Data

Information security and privacy professionals with decades of experience develop our strategy to protect your data and our systems. Our specialists assure they stay on top of the latest risks and protection measures by serving on numerous industry data-security committees.

Controls and Protections

To protect your financial and personal information, Janney has a security and information-protection strategy based on industry and international best practices. Our program evolved from an International Standards Organization ISO27000 framework. It incorporates key elements of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework. We use perimeter protections, network and systems level protections, data access controls, and third-party partner protections, configured according to defined policies to secure Janney data against outside threats. We also test our systems through internal audits, consultant reviews, and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) audits.

Data Aggregation Security

Data-aggregation tools that let your see all your financial accounts in one place are increasingly common. They provide you with the understanding to make more informed financial and investing decisions. While they offer convenience and insight, they call for some additional protections to help assure they stay safe from scammers. Both FINRA and SIFMA have established a set of guidelines designed to ensure that data-aggregation tools for investors operate under the same security standards as those the institutions receiving the aggregated data use. Working under FINRA oversight, Janney (also a SIFMA member) has provisioned our aggregation capabilities, particularly the design of My Net Worth, to ensure we protect client information by meeting privacy and data security concerns the reports call out. For more information on each regulator’s data-aggregation security guidelines, you can access here and SIFMA’s here.

Online Account Security

Your online access is layered for your protection. Our multi-tiered, firewalled data environment uses adaptive authentication to protect your account information and financial data. A series of sophisticated monitoring and verification features help ensure appropriate activity within our systems. The authentication verifies and restricts access only to authorized capabilities. Meanwhile, the network segmentation limits the online systems’ interaction only with access-approved areas. The personalized attention of a Financial Advisor enhances the ability to report and track information accessed online. To protect against unauthorized cash movement, including withdrawals or transfers between accounts, you can only complete these actions after performing what’s called two-factor authentication. You’ll receive a PIN via text or voice to your on-file phone number at Janney, which you’ll enter during the online log-in process. A Financial Advisor must validate any attempt to change your profile data before the update completes.

Employee Education and Commitment

All Janney associates confirm annually that they comply with our Information Security and Privacy Policies. Associates must also complete anti-money laundering and ethics training. These steps enable Janney to verify that client requests are authentic and coming from an appropriate person, as well as recognize and prevent data loss and fraudulent activity.

Asset Restoration

The conditions of a breach or compromise can vary widely. Team members throughout Janney will work with you to assess the specific incident, understand how it happened, and determine asset restoration. In the event a fraud does occur, Janney has several programs to help restore your assets. In addition, we have a cyber-insurance program (in conjunction with our parent organization, Penn Mutual). This coverage is commensurate with current industry recommendations in case of a successful attack.

A Commitment to Keep Your Data Safe

All these efforts combine to protect one of your most precious assets—your personal and financial data.