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Document Vault

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Store important documents and share them with your Financial Advisor through your secure Janney Online Access account.

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  • Enhanced security through Janney Online Access including email and text login authentication.
  • Ability to share and store most common digital file types (PDFs, MS Word & Excel, Google Docs, and many others).
  • Easy-to-use email functionality to securely send and receive messages to and from your advisor.
  • Option to create and name new folders to organize and store your digital financial documents.
  • 100MB of free storage.





How to Access Document Vault



This free feature is available to all Janney clients who are registered users of Online Access. Simply log in to Janney Online Access, click on the Statement & Documents tab and select Document Vault.



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Sending Messages to Your Financial Advisor.


  • Click on the To my Advisor folder.
  • Select Create New Message.
  • Compose your email message.
  • Send a file by selecting Choose File, and attach your digital document by clicking on Open.
  • Select Send Message.



Receiving Messages from Your Financial Advisor.


  • Click on the From my Advisor folder.
  • Click on the Subject line to read your message and access any attached files.



Storing Financial Documents.


  • Click on the Financial Documents folder or create and name a new folder.
  • Select Upload File.
  • Select Browse, and attach your digital document by clicking Open.
  • Click Submit to save and store your file.