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Schedule of Account Service Charges

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Janney publishes the most common fees that may be applied to client accounts. For additional information, please contact your Financial Advisor.

Janney offers various types of accounts and services to help you move toward your financial and investment goals. Certain charges may apply to these different types of accounts and services.

Below is an overview of customary account and client service fees as of July 15, 2016. Your Financial Advisor can also provide you with a copy. 

Account Services               
Incoming Wire Transfers No Charge
Outgoing Domestic Wires $25.00
Outgoing International Wires $45.00
Stop Payment No Charge
Client Document Research Charge  $15.00/hour
Dividend Reinvestment                           
   Purchases No Charge
   Liquidation of Fractional Shares No Charge
Survivor Option Processing No Charge
Custody/Safekeeping $37.50/Quarter
Issuing Physical Stock Certificates $500.00
Outgoing Direct Registration 
System Transfers                                 

Legal Transfers No Charge
Worthless Security Processing No Charge
Restricted Legal Transfers All Agent Fees
Foreign Security Transfers All Agent Fees
Rush Requests All Agent Fees
Physical Bond Redemption No Charge
Estate Valuations (Per Estate) $500.00 Maximum
Prepayment                                                  Margin Interest Rate ($20 min)
Late Payment Charge1  Margin Interest Rate
Account Maintenance Fee2 $125.00
Janney Advantage
Janney Advantage Account Annual Fee3 $125.00
Platinum Debit Card
ATM Transactions4
E-bill Payment            
Janney RewardsSM
Personal Checks
Checkbook Requests
    Reorder of Personal Checks
No Charge 
    Business Style Checks
    Reorder of Business Style Checks
    Overnight Check Order Request
    Two-Day Delivery
    Check Copy
    Returned Checks/Insufficient Funds
Stop Payment
No Charge 
Electronic Funds Transfer
    Incoming or Outgoing
No Charge 
    Returned Incoming or Outgoing
Retirement Accounts
Traditional, Roth, SEP & Simple IRAs
    Annual Fee for First IRA5
    Annual Fee for Additional     
Coverdell Education Savings Account No charge
Termination Fee $100.00 
Janney Prototype Qualified Plan Accounts (Profit Sharing, Money Purchase,
401(k) Plans)
Individual Account Structure
    Set-Up Fee, Per Plan
Per Participant Account (up to ten)
    Annual Fee $50.00
Per Participant Account (after ten)
    Annual Fee $5.00
Comingled Account Structure
    Set-up Fee $75.00
    Annual Fee $150.00
Retirement and Janney Prototype Qualified Plan Accounts
Outside Investments6
    Set-up Fee
    Annual Fee
Account Transfers
Retirement and Janney Prototype Qualified Plan Accounts
    Outgoing Partial Transfer
    Outgoing Full Transfer
Non-Retirement Accounts
    Incoming Account Transfer
No Charge
    Outgoing Partial Account Transfer
    Outgoing Full Account Transfer

1. In the event sufficient funds or securities are not received for a trade by Settlement Date, Janney reserves the right to charge interest to the account from Settlement Date until full and final payment is made. The account will be charged an interest rate based upon Janney’s margin interest rate schedule for the balance. The interest rate that may be charged on such cash debit balance is subject to change without prior notice. Please contact your Financial Advisor or view additional information about the interest rate
schedule on the Janney website at:

2. The Annual Account Maintenance Fee is waived for Janney fee-based accounts; accounts that are part of a household* with greater than $50,000 in assets; Janney Custodial IRA accounts; Janney Advantage® accounts; certain accounts holding annuity positions or non-networked mutual funds; and accounts opened less than one (1) year at the time the fee is charged in December.

3. The Janney Advantage® Annual Fee is waived for accounts that are part of a household* with greater than $500,000 in assets and Janney feebased accounts. For households* with assets of between $250,000 and $500,000, the Janney Advantage® Annual Fee for one account, the largest of the Janney Advantage® accounts with Cash Management features, will be waived (all additional accounts will be assessed the $125 Annual Fee). Organizational accounts may access the Janney Advantage® account through checks and are not eligible to receive a debit card(s) or participate in the Janney RewardsSM program.

4. The Janney Advantage® Program will reimburse transaction fees assessed by an ATM’s owner. Fees assessed on foreign transactions will not be reimbursed.

5. Additional IRAs based upon Social Security number are reduced to $10. The annual IRA fee is waived for accounts that are part of a household* with greater than $500,000 in assets or Janney fee-based accounts.

6. Any request to add a Non-Traditional Investment to your Janney Statement will require completion of specific Janney forms and will be subject to review and approval of the asset.

* Janney Householding Definition
Janney households are used to determine the level of benefits and fee waivers that will be applied to Janney accounts. A household is defined as a group of accounts with the same mailing address or Social Security/Taxpayer Identification Number that are serviced by the same Financial Advisor or FA Team. A household can be “linked” to another household to receive certain benefits and fee waivers. The household with the largest asset balance will set the level of benefits and fee waivers for all accounts in the linked household group. Households can only be linked together if they are part of a family relationship, defined as accounts owned by a Grandparent, Parent, Child, or Grandchild of an account owner in the household with the largest asset balance. Balance and fee waivers are not determined by the combined assets of accounts in all linked households.

Some accounts, including qualified retirement plans and business accounts, may not be eligible to be included in a household. Households are set automatically by Janney. Linking households together is at the discretion of your Janney Financial Advisor. Fees will not be prorated or rebated.

Please note: Not all fees charged to accounts by Janney Montgomery Scott LLC will be waived, regardless of household asset balance.