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Weekly Bulletin, a publication written by Mark Luschini, Janney’s Chief Investment Strategist, provides insights on the state of our economy as well as our market outlook.

August 13, 2018

A Healthy Economy and Profits Take Stocks Higher but Trade Concerns Remain

We continue to recommend a neutral stance on stocks with the U.S. our favored market. While global economic growth remains above long-term trends, we are past peak growth rates and are no longer seeing synchronized global growth. U.S. economic growth has accelerated while the rest of the world has decelerated, with several emerging markets showing signs of stress. We are also concerned about the impact of trade tensions on global growth. Offsetting this is stellar corporate profit growth that is the best since 2010, which provides significant support for stocks. We would like to see a resolution or reduction in trade tensions to become more bullish on stocks.

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