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How To Select A Financial Advisor

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Earning the privilege to serve clients as a trusted advisor requires hard work, extensive education and providing value to the relationship.

When looking for a Financial Advisor, you should consider the following:

Education - A Financial Advisor should be the product of extensive training by his or her firm, as well as the securities industry in planning techniques and portfolio management.

Educator - A Financial Advisor should be interested in and willing to take time to educate you about financial planning and investing. His or her firm should offer educational literature on topics ranging from understanding investments and financial planning, to commentary on what’s happening in the markets today.

Planner - A Financial Advisor should offer a planning process that addresses your needs, financial goals, risk tolerance and investing experience.

Portfolio Manager - A Financial Advisor should understand portfolio management theory and be able to evaluate and rebalance your assets in accordance with your investment objectives.

Access to Specialists - A Financial Advisor should be backed by planning, investment and trade execution experts offering hands-on and timely advice.

Full-Service Firm - A Financial Advisor should represent a firm that offers a full range of services, comprehensive publications, a quality website and a process to guide long-range investing.

Community Locations - A Financial Advisor should be located in an office in your community and be involved in local organizations with other professionals who can serve you..

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