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Your Janney Financial Advisor can help take the guesswork out of building a diversified stock portfolio through access to our proprietary research on more than 200 companies and a wide selection of equity solutions.
Investing in Equities
Stocks are the growth engine of an investor’s portfolio. While they may potentially yield the greatest results, they also pose the most risk. The primary way to manage the risk of investing in stocks is through diversification and using an asset allocation model to ensure your portfolio is weighted appropriately.

Working with your Janney Financial Advisor can help take the guesswork out of building a diversified stock portfolio by ensuring it is tailored to meet your individual needs and financial goals. While your portfolio may not contain 100 percent stocks, your risk tolerance might allow for some mix of stocks for growth. There are several ways your Janney Financial Advisor can help you invest in stocks, including: individual stocks, stock mutual funds & ETFs and managed Accounts

Equity Research
Janney believes that research plays a critical role in selecting quality long-term investments for your portfolio. Using the stock research from Janney’s award-winning analysts, you and your Financial Advisor can build a diversified portfolio including stocks whose recommendation is grounded in fundamental research.

Janney’s research is concentrated on four primary business sectors:

  • Financials
  • Healthcare
  • Infrastructure
  • Real Estate
Our sector-specific concentrations have allowed Janney’s analysts to develop the expertise and exceptional insight into the industries and companies they cover. Our analysts work hard to select and recommend stocks, which they believe offer compelling value for our clients in today’s markets.

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Economic & Market Commentary
In addition to individual company and sector research, Janney’s expert market strategists provide economic, equity and fixed income commentary on key trends that impact specific sectors of the market. Janney provides value by helping to separate media hype from long-term, fundamental shifts in the markets and economy, that can allow you and your Financial Advisor to make adjustments to your portfolio.

View Janney Market and Economic Commentary

Research from other reputable providers, analytics, company statistics and earnings information is available to clients through our client online account system, Janney Online Access.

Equity Trading
With the help of your Financial Advisor, you can trade stocks listed on most major exchanges including the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), American Stock Exchange (AMEX), the NASDAQ and the Over the Counter (OTC) market.

Investing in stocks takes on a variety of forms, from purchasing individual stocks to managed accounts. Researching, analyzing and selecting an appropriate mix of stocks based on your need for capital appreciation and/or dividend income can be a complex undertaking. This is where your Janney Financial Advisor, with the support of our Firm, can add value. 

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