• Outlook 2021

    What are the prospects and pitfalls in a post-pandemic world? Janney’s Mark Luschini and Guy LeBas share their perspective on what the markets and economy may experience during the upcoming year.

  • Midyear Outlook 2020

    What had started as a promising year for growth both here and abroad, turned upside down as the coronavirus outbreak suffocated economic activity in its wake.

  • Outlook 2020

    We envision another year of positive economic growth and favorable markets, but correcting for evolving uncertainties surrounding the election and geopolitics keeps us agile.

  • Outlook 2019: Mid-Year Update

    The Mid-Year Update presents a follow-up to our annual view published last December and affords a chance to make adjustments, if necessary, for what we expect to come during the remainder of the year.

  • Outlook 2019: Seeing the picture when the view is less than clear

    The outlook is complex with a myriad of issues that can influence the economic setting and financial market behavior. Much depends on the evolution of interest rates, trade, and the global economy.

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