• Primer on preferred securities

    Preferreds offer investors higher yields than many alternatives. Preferreds are utilized in portfolio strategies to bolster yields while long-end rates remain low.

  • Primer on early redemption and the make whole call

    Redemption features are an important consideration when investigating the investment attributes of any fixed income security.

  • Primer on floating-rate notes

    Investors have been considering floating rate notes, as well as floating rate funds, as part of their portfolio strategies, in light of the recent rise in interest rates and the increasing uncertainty around the direction of rates.

  • Primer on survivor’s option bonds

    Despite recent tax reform effects on demand for estate planning securities, several individual investors are still utilizing survivor’s option bonds as means to transfer wealth to beneficiaries, particularly in a potentially rising rate environment. Knowing the guidelines of these securities is important.

  • Primer on convertible bonds

    In recent years, the size of the convertible bond market has shrunk as rates dropped and the cost of issuing debt over hybrid securities declined. Nevertheless, convertibles can be an intriguing portion of the market when available.

  • Primer on portfolio strategies

    The old adage of “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” holds true time and again for investment decisions. Portfolio construction is an important aspect of portfolio diversification, with ladders, barbells, and bullets being three of the main shapes a maturity schedule can take.

  • Primer on economic indicators

    The report can serve as a reference for investors who may be less fluent in the financial markets.

  • Primer on corporate bond ratings

    We present a reference guide for corporate bond investors related to ratings protocols and techniques of the three major ratings agencies: Moody’s, S&P’s, and Fitch.

  • Primer on bankruptcy

    The bankruptcy process is a complex one, with no two the same, but knowing what to expect is key for investors.

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