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  • Election 2020: And the winner is?

    The United States election process is designed to conclude on or very near Election Day. This year, however, doubt has arisen about the timely determination of which candidate will occupy the White House in 2021.

  • Election 2020: One month down, two remaining

    As highlighted in a previous report in our election series, stock market movement in the three months before Election Day often predicts the outcome of a presidential election.

  • Election 2020: The final leg begins

    Now that the formal nomination of presidential candidates and their running mates has concluded, the race to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue enters what traditionally has been the most intense period of the political campaign.

  • Presidential candidate investment implications

    This article highlights some of the potential industry implications of the U.S. presidential candidates’ policies.

  • Wall Street's path to the U.S. presidential election

    The July 14, 2020, Investment Strategy Group report, “The Home Stretch,” delved into past elections and the eventual composition of the legislative and executive branches of federal government and how they related to the stock market.

  • The home stretch

    In less than a month, Democrats and Republicans will convene their quadrennial national conventions (Democrats, August 17-20 and Republicans, August 24-27) to formalize their presidential and vice-presidential nominees.

  • COVID-19 alters election process

    A lull in primary elections and the overwhelming focus on COVID-19 shoved the presidential election into the background. Nonetheless, the 2020 presidential election will be held November 3, 2020. COVID-19, however, already has altered the process.

  • The road to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue: Primaries put focus back on elections

    The second in a series about the presidential election. The first report in this series was published in January.

  • Investment insights from Super Tuesday

    Markets responded positively to Joe Biden’s big night on Super Tuesday, as he won most of the contests.

  • Election 2020: Impeachments and the market

    The impeachment trial of U.S. President Donald Trump has captured the world’s attention. Investors, in particular, are interested in the effect the current proceedings will have on the equity market. This report will focus on the economic circumstances that surrounded past impeachments and show that what appears to matter more to the markets is the state of the underlying economy.

  • Election 2020: The road to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

    Presidential election years attract investors’ attention because of the belief that the election process and outcome can influence the equity market. However, it is worth considering the impact the economy has on elections.

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