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  • Tactical changes matter

    After early this year building on the spectacular gains posted in 2019, a nearly perfect storm of bad news decimated the equity market. In 34 days from its February 19, 2020, high to the March 23 intraday low, the S&P 500 fell 35.4%. All 11 S&P 500 sectors were swept sharply lower. Seven months later, however, circumstances are much different.

  • Economic growth is slowing but remains solid

    Stocks posted another healthy week of gains and the September market drawdown has mostly been erased over the past three weeks.

  • Multi-asset Strategies: Skate to where the puck is going

    The past decade has been kind to equity investors. Returns from stocks flattered investment portfolios by delivering a compounded annualized return better than 10% (using the S&P 500 Index as a proxy).

  • Consumer and business confidence continue to rebound

    While the President’s health, the upcoming election, and additional fiscal support are all presenting uncertainty for the market, the incoming economic data continues to support our positive recovery narrative.

  • Recovery settles in at slower, more sustainable pace

    While stocks continue to consolidate the significant gains made since the March low, we remain encouraged by the unfolding economic recovery.

  • FOMC Commentary: Which one of you forgot the fireworks?

    September’s FOMC meeting was clearly a dull affair. You can almost imagine the two dozen Fed officials sitting on a Zoom call, just asking one another, “So…what do you want to do?”

  • Shifting tides

    After setting an all-time high on February 19, 2020, the S&P 500 fell 35.4% to the March 23 low.

  • Despite volatility, economic recovery remains on track

    The S&P 500 index experienced its sixth 5%-10% pullback since the March lows last week with the overbought large technology stocks experiencing the biggest pullbacks.

  • Economic recovery remains on track

    While stocks are experiencing volatility after strong gains recently, we remain encouraged by the incoming economic data that suggests a sustainable global economic recovery is underway that supports corporate profit growth and ultimately stock prices.

  • Economic expansion confirmation signals

    Stocks had another strong week with the S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite indexes making new all-time highs.

  • S&P 500 top-heavy concentration

    The third week of August 2020 became part of stock market history as the S&P 500 set new intraday and closing all-time highs on its way above 3,400.

  • Why did the Dow index make changes because of Apple's split?

    S&P Dow Jones Indices announced the following changes to the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) effective prior to the opening of trading on Monday, August 31, 2020: (NYSE: CRM) will replace Exxon Mobil Corp. (NYSE: XOM), Amgen Inc. (NASD: AMGN) will replace Pfizer Inc. (NYSE: PFE), and Honeywell International Inc. (NYSE: HON) will replace Raytheon Technologies Corp. (NYSE: RTX).

  • Should I invest in European stocks?

    The chant to invest in overseas equity markets has raged for some time.

  • Housing and manufacturing provide major support

    The S&P 500 stock index hit an all-time high last week, powered by positive news on vaccine developments, slowing new coronavirus cases, and strong housing and manufacturing data.

  • Where do stocks go from here?

    From its February 19, 2020, intraday high at 3393.52, the S&P 500 fell to a 2191.86 intraday low on March 23, 2020, and then 182 calendar days later set a new intraday peak at 3399.54.

  • We see signals of a sustainable economic expansion

    Stocks rose again last week and continue to flirt with the February 19th all-time high.

  • Changing emphasis: Small cap stocks break out

    A generally rising stock market tends to boost most stock prices, but the amount of lift can vary widely.

  • Economic readings improve cyclical stocks outperforming

    The S&P 500 Index rose 2.5% last week and finished just 1% below its all-time high, set before the full onslaught of the pandemic lockdown.

  • Manufacturing survey suggests synchronized global expansion

    Stocks rose again last week, supported by better-than-expected earnings and improving global economic conditions.

  • Diffusion indexes and turning points

    Equity Market Strategist Greg Drahuschak discusses the breadth of job losses and gains, some economic barometers, and unique features of the situation in 2020.

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