• Bank & Thrift Newsletter November 4, 2019

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  • Mission accomplished?

    The Federal Reserve Open Market Committee today reduced their target for overnight interest rates by a third 25bps to a range of 1.50% to 1.75%, completing the Greenspan-esque “three insurance cuts” cycle.

  • Finally

    After more than three months and multiple attempts, the S&P 500 Monday morning finally set a new intraday all-time high on word that technical consultations on a trade agreement text are "basically completed," which suggested phase-one of a trade agreement might be signed at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Chile next month.

  • Reduced geopolitical tensions and positive earnings bode well for the market

    The S&P 500 stock index is at an all-time high and is being supported by reduced geopolitical tensions and good earnings news.

  • Climate change and potential impact on state and local government credit analysis

    Climate considerations can have an impact on the credit quality of municipal bond issuers, analyst Alan Schankel explains.

  • Bank & Thrift Newsletter October 21, 2019

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  • Can you bank on it?

    Optimism about trade negotiations with China faded somewhat last week, but a draft of a deal with the European Union offered hope that after more than three years, the Brexit saga might end.

  • A positive start to earnings season bode well for the market

    Stocks are close to all-time highs and are being supported by positive earnings news and reduced geopolitical risks.

  • Preferreds and interest rate uncertainty

    Just over a year ago, the bond market began to sell off on various fears that caused heightened perceived credit risk.

  • A trade war truce bodes well for global economy but significant work remains

    Stocks reacted favorably to the results from the latest Chinese trade talks.

  • Pennsylvania school district intercept program

    Like many states, Pennsylvania has programs that add a layer of bondholder security for local school district bond issuers.

  • Let’s make a deal - maybe

    Driven by increased hopes for a trade truce with China, headlines suggesting a Brexit deal might be coming and a positive report on consumer sentiment, all the major indices here and in Europe ended notably higher on Friday.

  • Update on U.S.-China trade talks

    Stocks reacted mildly positive to the results from the latest (13th round) U.S.-China trade talks.

  • Taxable municipal bonds

    Municipal bonds are a particularly popular investment since interest earned is not subject to federal income tax, but not all municipal bonds are free from Uncle Sam’s tax bite.

  • Municipal Market Monthly — September

    Last year’s municipal new issuance total, at $339 billion, established 2018 as the slowest of the past 5 years, and through May 2019, it seemed that this year would not be much busier, but the pace picked up after May.

  • Oil prices, repo non-crisis, and stocks in October

    Investment Perspectives provides insight into the markets from three of Janney's elite strategists.

  • Economic indicators remain consistent with slower but positive economic growth

    The big news last week was the negative reaction to the monthly U.S. business surveys that showed weaker-than-expected service sector activity and further weakness in manufacturing.

  • Bank & Thrift Newsletter October 7, 2019

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  • Is it time for investors to de-risk their portfolios?

    Investors may be wondering if they should be reaching for the little red box with the inscription “In Case of Emergency Break Glass.” In other words, de-risk and put the fire out. We think not.

  • Investment principles that endure through any market condition

    Over the long run, a handful of universal investment principles underpin an investor’s success. These principles guide Janney’s investment and wealth-management decision-making processes.

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