• Despite tariffs and weak manufacturing, economic growth remains positive

    While stock market volatility has increased due to the intensification of the U.S.-China trade war, we continue to recommend a benchmark weighting for stocks. We see several factors that should support economic growth and stock prices.

  • Another cyclical slowdown, negative yielding debt, and the bumpy bull market

    Investment Perspectives provides insight into the markets from three of Janney's elite strategists.

  • U-Turn complete; Elapsed time 7.5 months

    As we noted in our May commentary, Jay Powell and friends seemed to be looking for any excuse to cut rates.

  • Municipal Market Monthly — July

    In theory the $58B total of new 2019 cash is enough to absorb more than a third of the first six months of municipal new issue volume ($166.8B).

  • New tariffs raise the uncertainty of a final trade deal

    Stocks are reacting negatively after President Trump’s announcement of a 10% tariff on $300 billion in Chinese imports, which extends the 18-month trade war (25% tariffs were already in place for $250 billion worth of imports) and now puts tariffs on essentially all $550 billion worth of goods coming from China, with this round concentrated in consumer goods.

  • Bank & Thrift Newsletter

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  • Stocks make new highs on better earnings while anticipating global improvements

    Stocks made new highs again last week, with earnings that are coming in better than expected. A healthy consumer continues to support U.S. economic growth. Meanwhile, global manufacturing conditions remain weak and we continue to anticipate China’s economic stimulus will lead to better global conditions.

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  • Encouraged by healthy retail sales and a positive start to earnings season

    Stocks touched all-time highs Monday and we remain optimistic that the global economic slowdown is troughing while the U.S. economy remains on an expansionary path.

  • Should I consider investing in municipal bonds that are subject to AMT?

    Although the US tax system has included various versions of a minimum tax since 1969, the Alternative Minimum Tax regime resembling the current system was enacted with the Revenue Act of 1978. The AMT is a parallel tax system designed to reduce the number of taxpayers who pay little or no tax due to deductions and exemptions.

  • Stocks make new highs on dovish Federal Reserve comments

    Stocks hit record highs last week, driven by the promise of lower interest rates while the incoming economic data remains consistent with slower, but still positive, economic growth.

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  • Spiking the punch bowl, the next economic downturn, and second-half surge

  • Economic readings remain consistent with slower but still positive growth

    As the market cheered the U.S.-China trade truce last week, the incoming economic data continued to show slower, but still positive, U.S. economic growth (we expected this after tax cuts and increased government spending boosted 2018 growth).

  • Outlook 2019: Mid-Year Update

    The Mid-Year Update presents a follow-up to our annual view published last December and affords a chance to make adjustments, if necessary, for what we expect to come during the remainder of the year.

  • What happened to asset class returns in 2018?

    We begin 2019 with a benchmark allocation to risk assets. Despite expecting slower economic growth in 2019, the fourth quarter 2018 financial market pessimism seems excessive – we do not see a recession in the foreseeable future.

  • Brexit investment implications update

    Learn about the investment implications around Brexit uncertainty.

  • Any excuse will do

    In December/January, that excuse came in the form of tightening financial conditions, which allowed for the patient pause in place today.

  • Stocks post stellar first half and react favorably to reduced trade tension

    Stocks are now reaching new all-time highs as a result of the U.S.-China trade war truce announced this weekend.

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