• Investment Perspectives: Stock market lifecycle, floating-rate bonds, buy the dip

    Monthly commentary on timely investment and economic issues by Janney analysts Mark Luschini, Guy LeBas, and Gregory Drahuschak.

  • Accumulating wealth? Here’s why planning for inflation matters

    Investors could consider strategies to inflation-proof their portfolio to withstand gradual increases in prices for goods and services.

  • Thoughts on Senate Infrastructure Bill

    The Senate passed a nearly $1 trillion infrastructure bill on Tuesday, formally called the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, in a bipartisan 69-30 vote.

  • Job gains support sustainable recovery narrative

    Despite the resurgence of the virus and peaking economic growth readings, we remain encouraged by the economic recovery and stellar corporate profitability.

  • Podcast: Interest Rate Outlook and Drivers of Equity Market Returns

    Janney's analysts discuss the latest developments in the fixed income and equity markets.

  • We still see significant support for stocks and other risk assets

    Significant support for stocks remains in place despite concerns about the resurgent virus.

  • Gimme three steps toward the door?

    The June FOMC meeting was one that launched a billion flatteners. The combination of Fed policymakers leaving inflation forecasts unchanged, but predicting more rate hikes in 2023 ran smack into 12 months of verbal assurances that rate hikes would be less sensitive to inflation in the coming cycle.

  • Improving economy and earnings should outweigh virus resurgence

    Despite volatility early in the week, stocks reached new highs again last week. Investor concern centers around the delta variant as rising cases have led some economies to re-impose restrictions.

  • Factors that should continue supporting stocks

    With stocks reaching new highs on a regular basis, we are often asked what can provide future support for the market.

  • How our behavioral biases impact investment decision-making (Part II)

    Exploring Familiarity Bias, Framing Bias, and Mental Accounting

  • Investment Perspectives: Oil, municipal pensions, and stock momentum

    Monthly commentary on timely investment and economic issues by Janney analysts Mark Luschini, Guy LeBas, and Gregory Drahuschak.

  • Podcast: Interest Rate Outlook and Update on Economic Recovery

    Janney's analysts discuss the latest developments in the fixed income and equity markets.

  • Fresh stock market highs reflect a sustainable economic expansion

    Stocks had a choppy week, but once again reached record highs. We expect stocks to continue benefitting from strong economic and profit growth, despite concerns over further virus headwinds and economic growth off historical peaks.

  • Healthy momentum as we head into the back half of the year

    Stocks had an impressive first half of the year with the S&P 500 Index up 8.2% in the second quarter and up 14.4% for the first half of the year, its second-best start this century.

  • Optimistic on transitions to a post-pandemic world

    Stocks had another good week and the S&P 500 Index is now up 14.8% year-to-date as we approach the halfway mark for the year.

  • A guide to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing

    Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investing is a rapidly growing investment discipline that includes many factors that make up traditional corporate best practices. Consequently, many firms that score well on ESG metrics are also solid investment opportunities. While ESG evaluation is popular with women and millennials—two groups that continue to gain prominence in the investment world—it continues to gain importance for all investors. This piece reviews ESG investing.

  • Clean energy investment implications

    With concerns mounting about the human influence on climate change, highlighted by U.S. President Joe Biden rejoining the Paris Agreement on his first day in office, the importance of clean energy to the economy continues to grow.

  • Remaining optimistic, despite a more hawkish Federal Reserve

    Stocks fell last week after the Federal Reserve (Fed) shifted its forward guidance on interest rates in a hawkish direction. Fed officials signaled they expect to raise interest rates by late 2023, sooner than they anticipated in March.

  • Outlook 2021: Mid-Year Update

    One can hardly prognosticate about matters of the economy and financial markets without acknowledging the role the vaccination campaign is having on consumer and business activity. Certainly, the news on that front is encouraging, and evidence of conditions returning to normal abound.

  • What we can learn today from the inflationary '70s

    Many of today’s market participants did not have to endure the inflation of the 1970s through early 1980s. Revisiting that era is useful, as for first time in many months, the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee (FOMC) gave an indication of when it might consider changing credit policy.

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