• FOMC Commentary: Roughly balanced

    Fed Chair Jay Powell was not shy about sharing his opinions on the economic and policy outlook just two weeks ago in his microwave-side chat.

  • How you feel still matters

    The Consumer Confidence Index generally is considered to be a reliable measure of consumer sentiment, but despite its expectations component, it largely reflects what we already know.

  • Housing and manufacturing remain strong, despite virus surge

    Housing and manufacturing conditions suggest a sustainable economic recovery remains in place, despite the surging virus and the impact it is having on consumer’s ability to spend.

  • ISM Index remains sign of times

    Investors commonly seek signs they hope can provide guidance as to the equity market’s likely path, but as seasoned investors know well, no single item has the prognostication accuracy to be relied upon in every instance.

  • Podcast: Global fixed income outlook and investor expectations for equity markets

    Janney's analysts discuss the global pandemic's impact on the economy.

  • Stimulus, vaccines, and pent-up demand bode well for 2021

    Stocks had their worst week since October last week, with the economic data showing the effects of renewed restrictions as the virus surge continues and as the effects of last spring’s massive CARES Act stimulus wanes.

  • Podcast: Long-term interest rates and equity market outlook

    Janney's analysts discuss the global pandemic's impact on the economy.

  • Is a trifecta possible?

    Previous Investment Strategy Group reports detailed the frequent performance shifts in stock market sectors.

  • The earnings watch, again

    All earnings report periods are important, but following the large drop in earnings expectations early last year and the relatively slow recovery, fourth-quarter 2020 results and corporate comments about 2021 prospects could be unusually significant.

  • Just when you heard enough about elections

    With the inauguration of the 46th President of the United States only a week away, investors should consider the market pattern through the presidential election cycle.

  • Democratic control of Senate likely means more stimulus

    Stocks started the new year on an optimistic note with the S&P 500, Dow Jones Industrials, Nasdaq Composite, and the small-cap Russell 2000 all making record highs last week.

  • Will January be charming?

    Market lore says what the market does from Christmas Eve through the first two days of a new year, the so-called “Santa Claus rally” period, offers a solid indication of what the market would do for the entire year.

  • Investment Perspectives: Economic growth, fixed income in 2020, and stocks push higher

    Janney's analysts discuss inflation and stock trends.

  • Podcast: Fixed income market update and expectations for future stimulus

    Janney's analysts discuss the global pandemic's impact on the economy.

  • Observations as Democrats gain control in Georgia

    With Democrats Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff winning the Georgia Senate runoff races, the Democrats will now hold 50 seats in the 100-person Senate chamber, while Vice President-elect Kamala Harris is in position to break Senate ties.

  • Stocks send optimistic signal for 2021

    Stocks finished 2020 on a positive note, looking past the continued spread of the virus and instead focusing on the positive news about vaccine development and distribution and the unprecedented monetary and fiscal stimulus.

  • Optimistic for 2021 with follow-on relief and Government funding in place

    Stocks are rising after President Trump signed the coronavirus relief and full-year government funding package into law.

  • Congress reaches deal on Coronavirus relief package

    With the virus still surging with associated economic headwinds, lawmakers have agreed to a roughly $900 billion follow-on COVID-19 relief package designed to further bridge the economy through this extraordinary period.

  • Podcast: Fixed income and equity markets in 2021

    Janney's analysts discuss the global pandemic's impact on the economy.

  • FOMC Commentary: A December to forget

    This is not the first FOMC note in which we have emphasized the unexciting nature of Fed policy in a post-pandemic economic recovery.

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