• Coronavirus market volatility update

    In lieu of our usual Weekly Bulletin, we are publishing special reports to discuss the market reaction to evolving news on the coronavirus outbreak. We would stress the following points as developments continue to unfold.

  • Municipal bonds during the COVID-19 crisis

    Financial markets have, in the past four weeks, experienced extreme volatility and in many cases losses. While the depth of the value declines in many markets were worse during the Global Financial Crisis more than a decade ago, the pace of value declines has been far steeper with the COVID-19 Crisis.

  • A year within a day for fixed income markets

    Financial markets are not broken.

  • Podcast: Coronavirus’ impact on equity and fixed income markets

    Janney's analysts discuss the global pandemic's impact on the economy.

  • Control what you can control

    A noted psychologist and professor at Princeton University, Daniel Kahneman, talked of having a “well-calibrated sense of your future regret.”

  • Frenzied trading continues

    The equity market yesterday began with pre-opening futures down the limit, as circuit breakers were implemented at the opening, which required a 15- minute trading halt.

  • Coronavirus market volatility update

    In lieu of our usual Weekly Bulletin, we are publishing this special report to discuss the market reaction to evolving news on the coronavirus outbreak. We would stress the following points.

  • Stressed out

    Numerous press headlines compared the infamous October 19, 1987, market crash with the March 12, 2020, drop of 2,352.60 in the Dow Jones Industrial Average (9.99%) and the 9.51% drop in the S&P 500. The stories were factually accurate by pointing out that the March 12 drop was the largest since “Black Monday” 1987, but they largely failed to consider what happened afterwards.

  • Fixed income market dysfunction

    Market conditions are evolving rapidly, but we will try to unpack some of the factors involved.

  • Opportunity on the horizon

    Analyst Greg Drahuschak explains that despite recent market turmoil, the equity market is at a level that offers significant opportunities.

  • Out of energy

    Oil markets are once again facing a price collapse—not unlike the swan dive seen when OPEC’s market-share war took prices from more than $110/barrel in mid-2014 to $26/barrel by early 2016.

  • Panic buying in U.S. Treasury markets

    U.S. Treasuries and other high-grade, longer-duration fixed income assets have seen an unprecedented wave of panic buying.

  • Coronavirus market volatility update and investment implications

    The coronavirus (COVID-19) has now spread to the U.S. and other parts of the world after China’s severe measures to contain it failed.

  • RISK: Finding the right fit

    Risk typically is defined as the exposure to the possibility of loss or injury, but risk means different things to different people.

  • Delayed not derailed

    In our outlook for 2020, we postulated a pro-growth, pro-cyclical stance was warranted, given the underlying strength of the U.S. economy and the burgeoning signs of a rebound in growth abroad that would provide a favorable setting for risk assets.

  • How you feel matters

    The vast array of information available today should allow consumers and investors consistently to make rational decisions, but as the rapidly developing field of behavioral economics recognizes, emotions influence nearly every economic choice we make.

  • Maintaining our positive outlook despite rising Middle East tensions

    While we are watching Middle East developments closely, we remain optimistic on our outlook for the economy and stocks.

  • Investment principles that endure through any market condition

    Over the long run, a handful of universal investment principles underpin an investor’s success. These principles guide Janney’s investment and wealth-management decision-making processes.

  • The economic and investment implications of the Saudi oil field attacks

    While it is early to get a firm assessment on the impact of rising oil prices and Middle East tensions, we would stress the following points concerning the attacks.

  • A healthy consumer and still optimistic small business bodes well for growth

    Stock market volatility continued last week, with the latest worries centered on falling bond yields and further yield curve inversion—the 30-year Treasury yield dropped below 2%, while 10-year Treasury yields briefly fell below 2-year yields.

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