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  • Podcast: What’s Driving Recent Market Volatility?

    Janney's analysts discuss areas of economic focus and factors driving market volatility

  • FOMC Commentary: Fed holds rates near zero

    The Federal Reserve Open Market Committee followed up three consecutive rate cuts at their July, September, and October meetings with a pause in December.

  • A melancholy victory lap

    In March, the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee cut overnight interest rates back to the zero lower bound, embarked on a massive QE program, and re-launched (and subsequently doubled down on) financial crisis-era lending programs.

  • Municipal bonds during the COVID-19 crisis

    Financial markets have, in the past four weeks, experienced extreme volatility and in many cases losses. While the depth of the value declines in many markets were worse during the Global Financial Crisis more than a decade ago, the pace of value declines has been far steeper with the COVID-19 Crisis.

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