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  • Interest Rate Update: Bonds’ Big Moves

    Interest rates across countries have been moving up with unusual speed over the past four to six weeks, leading to sharp declines in the market values of a range of bonds. While 2022 has been one of worst years for fixed income performance in memory, the activity of the past month stands out as uniquely stark.

  • Thoughts on Battle Between Inflation and the Federal Reserve

    Stocks are reacting negatively to the 0.75% interest rate increase after the Federal Reserve (Fed) meeting on Wednesday, which included projections for interest rates to be higher for longer than many market participants expected. We have the following thoughts as this battle between the Federal Reserve and inflation continues.

  • Inflation Remains the Major Market Concern

    Stocks reacted negatively to the latest inflation reading from the Consumer Price Index (CPI), which suggests that the Federal Reserve (Fed) will remain on its aggressive path of interest rate hikes for the foreseeable future.

  • Thoughts on Current Stock Market Drivers

    Stocks broke a three-week losing streak with a strong rebound last week and remain in a trading range established after the June low.

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