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  • Coronavirus market volatility update

    In lieu of our usual Weekly Bulletin, we are publishing special reports to discuss the market reaction to evolving news on the coronavirus outbreak. We would stress the following points as developments continue to unfold.

  • Covid testing data: Three steps to "normalcy"

    As of April 2, the American Clinical Lab Association (ACLA) indicated that group members have performed 1,093,000 tests compared to a cumulative total of 27,000 on March 17.

  • Historic crash sites and their aftermath

    In light of the historical declines and technical conditions generated by financial markets over the last few weeks, we took another look at some of the more significant correction cycles and crashes in the stock market’s long history, aligning our current glide path against these periods to uncover possible, not necessarily probable, outcomes going forward. This exercise is not meant to make exacting comparisons or predictions, but to learn from past cycles about what the markets might be capable of in the months ahead.

  • The relationship among oil prices, stocks, and economy

    The recent drop in stock prices has captured the attention of most investors. In a seemingly unrelated issue, a massive oversupply problem created a waterfall-like drop in the price of oil. It might appear that the performance of the S&P 500 and WTI is only coincidental, but history suggests otherwise.

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