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  • Anatomy of a Policy Error

    The Federal Reserve Open Market Committee raised their target for overnight interest rates 0.75%, the third increase of that magnitude, and easily the fastest pace of hikes in any three month period in four decades.

  • FED Plans, Economy Laughs

    There are numerous annual academic conferences hosted by the dozen regional Federal Reserve Banks, from the Atlanta Fed’s Markets Conference (Amelia Island in May!) to the Chicago Fed’s Annual Economic Outlook Symposium (Windy City in December…), but few have captured market attention like the Kansas City Fed’s Jackson Hole Symposium hosted each August.

  • We're in the Great Game Now

    Excuse the break in the sci-fi themed FOMC notes this July in favor of another favorite. And remember, the great game is terrifying.

  • FOMC Commentary: Fed Moves to Red Alert

    The first rate hike of this cycle in March feels awfully far away. After starting moderately, the FOMC today elected to execute the largest rate hike in more than a quarter century on the backs of rising consumer inflation expectations.

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