• Too much of a good thing - or is it just normal?

    The cliché that a rising tide lifts all ships points out that in a bull market most stocks move up. Multiple times in the past 40 years, however, the market tide allowed some stocks to rise much more than others.

  • Shifting tides: The only constant is change

    In order of importance, the direction of the overall market, sector selection, and individual stock choices determine equity market portfolio returns.

  • Positive monetary impulse, issues facing fixed income, and the stock detour

    Financial markets take their cue from dovish guidance, strong muni performance, and the election's impact on the market are included in this month's Investment Perspectives.

  • Election 2020: Impeachments and the market

    The impeachment trial of U.S. President Donald Trump has captured the world’s attention. Investors, in particular, are interested in the effect the current proceedings will have on the equity market. This report will focus on the economic circumstances that surrounded past impeachments and show that what appears to matter more to the markets is the state of the underlying economy.

  • Election 2020: The road to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

    Presidential election years attract investors’ attention because of the belief that the election process and outcome can influence the equity market. However, it is worth considering the impact the economy has on elections.

  • Coronavirus impact on stocks likely short-term

    For the 11th time in the past 50 years, global equity markets paused to assess a developing health concern. The spread of the latest coronavirus strain rekindled memories of the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and the Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS) that also prompted global health and economic concerns.

  • The income conundrum

    Following the peak in 1981, interest rates experienced a 39-year decline. A 2% yield on Treasury notes or bonds now is not achievable without going out to the 30-year Treasury bond, and the yield on the S&P 500 is approximately 1.8%.

  • How you feel matters

    The vast array of information available today should allow consumers and investors consistently to make rational decisions, but as the rapidly developing field of behavioral economics recognizes, emotions influence nearly every economic choice we make.

  • Markets in 2020, fixed income year-in-review, and new highs look likely

    Major issues persist with our optimistic outlook, a look back to fixed income in 2019, and a repeat of the market's 2019 result does not appear probable.

  • The Annual Sector Guessing Game

    Selecting which sectors will be the best performers in the S&P 500 is an ongoing exercise, but never more so than near the start of a new year.

  • Global conditions improve, inflation remains low, and December poised to be good

    Global conditions are improving, inflation remains low, and December is poised to be a good month.

  • In ETFs, forewarned is forearmed

    Done correctly, the selection of individual common stocks requires rigorous effort. Investors, however, often seek a way to shortcut this process.

  • Presidential election cycles and stock market performance

    Although it is nearly a year away, investors are already considering the potential equity market impact of the 2020 United States presidential election.

  • Acrophobia

    The fear that new stock market heights might lead to a sharp downturn can prompt costly decisions.

  • Economic Data, Limits of Monetization, and Equities Enter Profitable Period

    Investment Perspectives provides insight into the markets from three of Janney's elite strategists.

  • Oil prices, repo non-crisis, and stocks in October

    Investment Perspectives provides insight into the markets from three of Janney's elite strategists.

  • Bear trap, negative yields, and range-bound market

    Investment Perspectives provides insight into the markets from three of Janney's elite strategists.

  • Spiking the punch bowl, the next economic downturn, and second-half surge

  • Semper paratus

    Since the market low March 9, 2009, a tidal wave of buying has lifted many market indices to unprecedented levels and taken many equity portfolios with it.

  • Only a matter of time

    An old cliché says the price is truth, but there are times when price alone does not tell the whole story. We think this is one of those times.

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