• What a difference a year makes

    It often is easy to forget anniversaries, but for equity investors, the COVID-19 market bottom forever will be memorable. It comes alongside days like October 1987 and Christmas Eve 2018.

  • Reasons for optimistic outlook continue to come in

    Reserve just reiterated its intention to maintain its ultra-accommodative monetary policy while increasing its forecast for economic growth.

  • The search for value

    Finding the real value in stocks always has been difficult and subject to interpretation. Unwilling to do the due diligence necessary, many investors too often seek the simplest methods to uncover value.

  • Does it get better than this?

    Monthly releases of measures of economic activity in their regions from many Federal Reserve offices always get attention, but few can match the most recent report from Philadelphia Fed office that reached a level not seen in 50 years.

  • FOMC Commentary: Yes, but what about the SLR?

    Unsurprisingly, the FOMC held rates constant at the zero lower bound at their March meeting, and left other aspects of monetary policy largely unchanged despite rising long-term interest rates.

  • Remembering "the day"

    Front pages of the New York Times and the New York Post on March 17, 2020, reflected the dour view of economic conditions COVID-19 had created. The day before, an 11.98% drop in the S&P 500 echoed the sentiment of millions of investors who feared what could be a dire health and economic period.

  • Stimulus and improving confidence bode well for the outlook

    President Biden’s stimulus bill was signed into law last week and will provide an additional $1.9 trillion to the economy, which will bolster the recovery that was already unfolding.

  • Biden's stimulus bill set to become law this week

    President Biden’s stimulus bill is set to become law this week after the Senate passed the amended bill on Saturday with only marginal changes.

  • Investment Perspectives: Stock prices and bond yields, fixed income, and stocks

    Janney's analysts discuss inflation and stock trends.

  • Podcast: Interest Rates, Market Plumbing and Equity Market Outlook

    Janney's analysts discuss the global pandemic's impact on the economy.

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