A Letter from Tim Scheve

Janney President & CEO

We continue to navigate concerns surrounding COVID-19 and its impact on our health, personal lives, and the economy.

What’s important to Janney is properly safeguarding the health and safety of our employees, clients, and their families; ensuring our clients continue to receive the high level of advice, service, and support they have come to expect from us; and making certain our business operations remain stable.

I want to reaffirm how Janney’s stability, resiliency, and values help guide our business through tumultuous times like these. After all, this is not the first time we have faced challenging markets and business disruption.

During times of uncertainty, we remind our clients to focus on what they can control. At Janney, I am proud that we practice what we preach. Our priorities are as follows:

We have a relentless commitment to meeting our clients’ needs. Our primary commitment–providing excellent advice and service to our clients–is critically important. Now is when we work our hardest to fulfill our role as trusted advisors and to give clients the peace of mind that they will still achieve their goals. It’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly and are proud to deliver. We have the people, platform, and resources to guide our clients through this time, as we have during many other turbulent times.

We stay focused on our strategy and stability. We have a strong capital base and a history of financial strength. Janney’s stability–complemented by our ownership structure under The Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company–and ability to be agile and innovative allow us to make timely, informed decisions with the long-term success of our clients in mind.

We stay focused on our values. Our employees remain dedicated to service excellence and demonstrate extreme professionalism and resiliency during challenging times. Our values–deliver with integrity, drive for results, keep people at the center, and exceed expectations–are fundamental to who we are and how we move forward, especially during times such as these.

As a reminder, we offer clients a robust online, mobile, and digital experience to give you easy access to your accounts, communication options, as well as the support and information you need to make well-informed decisions. You can learn more about these digital options here or by reaching out to your Janney Financial Advisor.

Janney’s financial planning, investment, and market experts continue to share their perspectives during this uncertain time. For our current thinking on the markets, economy, and long-term financial planning, I encourage you to read our latest insights and commentary.

At Janney, we’re here for you and remain ready to serve. Thank you for your trust.

We wish you and yours health and safety during this time.


Tim's Signature

Timothy C. Scheve

President & Chief Executive Officer

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