Congratulations to Vincent Crognale, Senior Vice President / Wealth Management and Branch Manager of the Greenville, DE office, for being named Janney’s Branch Office Manager of the Year!

Congratulations to Vincent Crognale, Senior Vice President / Wealth Management and Branch Manager of the Greenville, DE office, for being named Janney’s Branch Office Manager of the Year!

This prestigious award, which was presented at Janney’s Branch Officer Manager meeting in May 2018, was given to Vince for his expertise in the field, dedication to superior service, outstanding leadership, and resourceful integration of resources, both in the office and the community. Since joining Janney in 2013, he has consistently ranked as one of the firm’s top Branch Office Managers for revenue and recruiting performance.

“I am both flattered and humbled. I never expected it. Janney really supports advisors by giving us the opportunity and ability to win,” Vince said. “From firm leaders like Tim [Scheve] and Jerry [Lombard] to the support we receive from the home office – everyone helps us shine. My branch also helped me achieve this honor. It is truly a team effort. If we aren’t winning together, we’re learning together.” 

Vince is particularly proud of his branch’s dedication to being a team and supporting each other. His motto is, ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with your family.’ He works to create a branch that feels more like a family, where everyone plays a part in its success.

Vince’s recruiting success is undeniable, as demonstrated by the Greenville branch office’s rapid expansion over the last three and half years. Throughout this time, he has recruited nine experienced Financial Advisors with over $700 million in client assets. In total, he supervises 26 professionals, including 17 advisors. He said, “One of the main reasons that I’ve had success in recruiting is because I’ve worked at other firms and understand what a great firm we are. We have it good at Janney, which draws talent. Our culture of entrepreneurship and respect is pervasive up and down the line.”

Vince values the depth of knowledge that Janney offers. “People at all levels know and understand the business. Even at the corporate level, many people have been Financial Advisors and understand what we do. That’s a great help,” he said. 

In addition to his leadership of the Greenville branch, Vince also chairs Janney’s Branch Office Manager Leadership Council, a forum of Branch Office Managers focused on improving productivity and profitability, and providing a superior Financial Advisor and client experience. He commented, “When I drive home from national Branch Office Manager meetings, I am filled with ideas and energy. I draw a tremendous amount of inspiration from my peers.”

Vince isn’t just successful in his role as Branch Office Manager, he is also passionate about what he does and enjoys coming to work every day. “I ask recruits if they like going to work on a daily basis or if they dread it. That makes a big difference in a person’s quality of life. I’ve been there and understand. At Janney, I don’t get the ‘Sunday regret’ anymore, where I dread the upcoming week. Janney is special and I always look forward to being here.”

When he’s not at his branch, Vince values his time with his family above all else. He has been married to his wife Angela for 27 years and they have a daughter, Francesca, 20, and a son, Michael, 18. 

He enjoys helping others in the community and volunteers with the Boy’s and Girl’s Club of Delaware and Nemours/A.I. duPont Hospital for Children. He is also the Past President of the Porsche Club of America in the Delaware Region.

This year, he was able to combine his love of sports cars with giving back at the children hospital’s ‘Reach for the Stars’ prom held in May. The event allows patients at the hospital to attend prom, a special occasion they often miss due to illness.

Vince said, “My wife and I had the honor of driving some of the kids to the prom. It’s a special event and being taken to prom in an exotic sports car was exciting for them. We had police escorts and it was great experience for us as well. We enjoy helping children and this is a great cause.”

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