Congratulations to Peter Sargent on being named Janney’s Financial Advisor of the Year!

Congratulations to Peter Sargent on being named Janney’s Financial Advisor of the Year!

Announced annually at the Private Client Group’s ELITE FA Conference, Financial Advisor of the Year is the highest award that an advisor can receive within Janney. Peter Sargent, Executive Vice President/Wealth Management, received this prestigious honor in recognition of his professional success, his dedication to bettering the lives of his clients, and his commitment to Janney.
This recognition is a testament to the wonderful team, inside and outside the office, that I have around me every day,” shared Peter. “My wife, Amy, consistently had faith that I would be a successful advisor long before it came true. And for that I will always be thankful. I also would not be able to do what I do without my first-rate team based in both Newtown and Raleigh, but especially Christine Lindsay, who has worked by my side for 17 years. If there was ever a year it should have been about ‘we,’ this was the one. None of what I accomplished would have been possible without those around me.”

Early in his career, Peter determined becoming a financial advisor was his calling, as it allowed him to work in a relationship-based business where he could impact the lives of others. After spending two decades at Merrill Lynch, Peter sought out a new firm that would offer him the greatest ability to prioritize the needs of his clients first and foremost, and the freedom to do what he believes is right for each of them. After months of due diligence, Peter concluded that Janney had the culture and leadership to provide the support he needed to continue to take care of his clients and grow his business. Since joining the firm in 2012, Peter has consistently ranked as one of its top financial advisors. His practice primarily focuses on high-net-worth individuals with complex financial lives, such as C-suite executives and CEOs, both active and in retirement. In recognition of his success, Peter was featured in On Wall Street magazine's “Top 40 Advisors Under 40,” was selected to the annual Barron's “Top Advisers” list in 2009, 2010, 2012, 2017 and 2018, was named in the Financial Times "Top 400 Financial Advisors" list in 2017 and 2018, and was named a "Best-in-State Wealth Advisor" by Forbes in 2018.

Peter’s business began in Pennsylvania, but grew to serve clients in North Carolina in 2016. Gary Rooth, a friend and peer on Janney’s Financial Advisor Council, chose Peter as his business successor upon receiving a terminal cancer diagnosis. Through a diligent planning process with Gary and his team, Peter added their clients to his business and ensured a smooth transition upon Gary’s passing. Peter’s commitment to client service and accessibility is undeniable—he will often fly to North Carolina to meet with clients on less than 24 hours’ notice. As a result, Peter has maintained 98% of Gary’s client list, a testament to his ability to develop meaningful relationships and help people reach their financial goals.

“I’m grateful for the leadership of Tim Scheve, Jerry Lombard, and other senior managers at the firm, who are always accessible, client-focused, and committed to supporting Janney advisors,” said Peter. “Janney has done an incredible job fostering a positive environment that is full of quality people and fantastic resources. I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish all that I have without that kind of support. Janney has advisors who have been here for decades who are still consistently growing their business. It underscores Janney’s strength and agility, and overall dedication to advancing the platform.”

Giving back to the community is a priority for Peter. He serves as Chairperson Emeritus of Janney's Financial Advisor Council (where he has spent two terms as Chair). Outside the office, Peter is highly involved with his alma mater, the University of Delaware, where he and his wife have been funding a leadership-based scholarship for several years. In addition, he is a member of the New York Society of Security Analysts and the University of Delaware Financial Planning and Wealth Management Advisory Boards.

After receiving the Financial Advisor of the Year Award, Peter noted, “It feels like I have finally arrived.” He is proud of his accomplishments and was especially excited to share the news with his father and his children.

Peter and his wife Amy reside in Upper Makefield, Pennsylvania with their four children: Andrew, 21, Amanda, 18, Kate, 17, and Grace, 14.

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