Located on the landing page of Janney’s Online Access desktop, the Financial Planning Resource Center is the information hub for Janney’s financial planning capabilities. 

No matter what type of goals you have, you can get started by reviewing Janney’s financial planning process in the Financial Planning Resource Center.

Do you want to learn more about a particular financial planning topic? Our Life Planning Resources are available to provide insights on various life planning goals such as retirement planning, estate planning, protecting your assets through annuities and insurance, education funding, charitable giving, and more. 

Once you and your Financial Advisor have completed your financial plan, you can review and download it at your convenience from the Financial Planning Resource Center, simply by clicking on View Your Plan(s).  

Your life changes over time—you may have entirely new goals in the future. You can explore how certain changes might affect your plan using our Tools & Calculators engine. You’ll be able to review and explore what your financial plan would look like when you change variables in your plan, such as your savings rate or time horizon, to see how your likelihood of success could be impacted.  


Get Started

Once logged into Online Access, Janney’s secure client portal (www.myjanney.com), the Financial Planning Resource Center is available from the landing page of Online Access desktop. You can also find the resource center by selecting Financial Planning Resource Center from the Portfolio & Financial Planning tab. 

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Talk with a Janney Financial Advisor

You don’t need to go it alone. Wherever you are on your wealth journey, we can build a tailored financial plan and make recommendations that are aligned with your best interest and unique needs, goals, and preferences. Contact us today to discuss how we can put a plan in place designed to help you reach your financial goals.

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