• Getting Your Company Ready for Sale

    Planning the retirement for a business owner is significantly more complicated than planning the retirement of an employee.

  • 6 Tips for Retirement Literacy

    A recent Federal Reserve survey reported that 28% of non-retirees do not have any self-directed retirement savings*.

  • Things to Consider When Selling a Family Business

    Selling a family business is a significant process that is impactful in numerous ways. It can represent the start of a well-deserved retirement and the culmination of years of work.

  • Which Type of Special Needs Trust Is Right for You?

    There are two types of Special Needs Trusts (SNTs): first-party and third-party SNTs. Which type makes the most sense for you to use depends upon whose property is funding the SNT.

  • Long-Term Care Solutions at Janney

    Determining a long-term care (LTC) solution that best fits your needs depends on several factors, such as your current health, health history, age, and financial situation. Janney can help you decide which of the following coverage choices are in your best interest.

  • Timing Is Everything: Using Annuities as a Retirement Planning Tool

    The market return environment when you retire and throughout your life after (along with how long you live) can make a big difference in whether your retirement income plan is successful.

  • Can You Benefit From a Qualified Personal Residence Trust?

    If you are planning your estate and realize that your primary or other residence significantly impacts the total value of your estate, leveraging a qualified personal residence trust (QPRT) could help reduce exposure to taxes.

  • A Family Conversation on Estate Planning

    While having a family conversation about your estate plan may be uncomfortable, such dialogue can help avoid surprises, lead to better financial planning, and help you develop a long-lasting family legacy. Here’s how to get one started.

  • Tax Deferral Strategies for Employer Stock in a Qualified Retirement Plan

    If you participate in a 401(k), or other qualified retirement plan that lets you invest in your employer’s stock, consider the tax deferral opportunities of net unrealized appreciation.

  • FDIC Insurance: How It Protects Your Cash & How to Increase Coverage

    In the rare case of a bank collapse, FDIC insurance helps safeguard the money you deposit into your accounts. Knowing how the insurance works and how much it covers, can help provide peace of mind.

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