A checklist for first-time home buyers

General Information

  1. Has relevant personal information been gathered?     Yes  ⬜     No  ⬜     N/A  ⬜
  2. Has financial situation been assessed?     Yes  ⬜     No  ⬜     N/A  ⬜
    • Income
    • Expenses
    • Assets
    • Liabilities

Choosing the Right Home

  1. Has a real estate professional been contacted?     Yes  ⬜     No  ⬜     N/A  ⬜
  2. Has an attorney for the closing been contacted?     Yes  ⬜     No  ⬜     N/A  ⬜
  3. Have the advantages and disadvantages of buying a home versus renting a home been discussed?
    Yes  ⬜     No  ⬜     N/A  ⬜
  4. Have the desired home features been determined?      Yes  ⬜     No  ⬜     N/A  ⬜
    • Type of home (e.g., condo, multifamily, single residence)
    • Floor plan/number of bedrooms, bathrooms
    • Garage
    • Yard
    • Good schools
    • Safe neighborhood
    • Proximity to work
  5. Has a housing price range been determined?     Yes  ⬜     No  ⬜     N/A  ⬜


  1. Has credit report been ordered and checked for errors and/or negative credit?
    Yes  ⬜     No  ⬜     N/A  ⬜
  2. Are sufficient funds available for a down payment?     Yes  ⬜     No  ⬜     N/A  ⬜
  3. Has need for private mortgage insurance been discussed if down payment is less than 20 percent?
    Yes  ⬜     No  ⬜     N/A  ⬜
  4. Has the source fo the down payment been evaluated?     Yes  ⬜     No  ⬜     N/A  ⬜
    • Savings
    • Gift
    • Retirement funds
  5. Has the necessary paperwork (e.g., tax returns, pay stubs, bank statements) been gathered?
    Yes  ⬜     No  ⬜     N/A  ⬜
  6. First-time home buyer?     Yes  ⬜     No  ⬜     N/A  ⬜
    • FHA loan
    • VA loan
  7. If so, has a first-time home buyer class offered by bank/lender been attended?
    Yes  ⬜     No  ⬜     N/A  ⬜
  8. Has prequalification or preapproval for a mortgage taken place?     Yes  ⬜     No  ⬜     N/A  ⬜
  9. Has a type of mortgage been considered?     Yes  ⬜     No  ⬜     N/A  ⬜
    • Adjustable rate versus fixed rate
    • 15-year versus 30-year
  10. Have various mortgage terms and rates been compared?     Yes  ⬜     No  ⬜     N/A  ⬜

Insurance Planning

  1. Has the premium been estimated for homeowners and flood insurance?     Yes  ⬜     No  ⬜     N/A  ⬜
  2. If a business will be run out of the home, has insurance coverage for home office been considered?
    Yes  ⬜     No  ⬜     N/A  ⬜
  3. Has the need for other forms of insurance been evaluated?     Yes  ⬜     No  ⬜     N/A  ⬜
    • Disability insurance
    • Life insurance
    • Personal liability insurance

Tax Planning

  1. If this is a principal residence, have the tax benefits of home ownership been reviewed?
    Yes  ⬜     No  ⬜     N/A  ⬜
    • Home mortgage interest deductions
    • Deductibility of points and closing costs
  2. If a business will be run out of the home, has eligibility for home office deduction been discussed?
    Yes  ⬜     No  ⬜     N/A  ⬜
  3. Will this be a rental property?     Yes  ⬜     No  ⬜     N/A  ⬜

Estate Planning

  1. Has estate plan been reviewed/updated?     Yes  ⬜     No  ⬜     N/A  ⬜
    • Wills, durable power of attorneys, advanced medical directives
    • Trust
  2. Are there specific property ownership issues that need to be addressed?     Yes  ⬜     No  ⬜     N/A  ⬜
    • Sole ownership
    • Life estate
    • Tenancy in common
    • Join tenancy
    • Tenancy bu the entirety
    • Community property


  1. Is refinancing or obtaining a home equity line of credit/second mortgage a consideration?
    Yes  ⬜     No  ⬜     N/A  ⬜
  2. Has the Homestead Exemption been discussed?     Yes  ⬜     No  ⬜     N/A  ⬜

Prepared by Broadridge Investor Communication Solutions, Inc. Copyright 2018.

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