• Flee the Storm as It Gathers

    For the fourth consecutive meeting, the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee elected to raise overnight interest rates by 0.75%, this time to a range of 3.75- 4.00%.

  • Pictures VS. Thousands of Words and Numbers

    In coming weeks, companies will reveal their third-quarter results. It is up to investors to be sure they properly interpret the results.

  • Still Tight Labor Market Implies FED Will Remain Hawkish

    Stocks traded sharply lower Friday as the September employment report showed the labor market remains too hot for the Federal Reserve (Fed) to re-evaluate its policy of higher interest rates. This is a classic example of good economic news being bad news for the stock market. The incoming economic data remains consistent with an economy that is still growing and creating jobs. This continues to put upward pressure on inflation, which the Fed is trying to tame.

  • October Investment Perspectives

    Housing market slows, Fed moving fast, and what’s in store for stocks in Q4.

  • Interest Rate Update: Bonds’ Big Moves

    Interest rates across countries have been moving up with unusual speed over the past four to six weeks, leading to sharp declines in the market values of a range of bonds. While 2022 has been one of the worst years for fixed income performance in memory, the activity of the past month stands out as uniquely stark.

  • Anatomy of a Policy Error

    The Federal Reserve Open Market Committee raised their target for overnight interest rates 0.75%, the third increase of that magnitude, and easily the fastest pace of hikes in any three month period in four decades.

  • September Investment Perspectives

    Near-term uncertainty, quantitative tightening measures, and preparing for September stock activity.

  • The Future of Defense Spending

    With the war in Ukraine ongoing and geopolitical tensions with China showing no signs of receding, there is a renewed focus on defense spending not seen since the Cold War. Consequently, we expect investor interest in the defense industry to remain high in the coming years. This piece reviews critical aspects of the defense industry and highlights where future modernization dollars could be spent.

  • Embrace the Bear

    Bear markets have an undeservedly bad reputation. Without them, long-term investors would not have great buying opportunities.

  • August Investment Perspectives

    Recession definition, monitoring moves by looking at bond market volatility, and is the tide turning for equities?

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