Americans contributed nearly $45.74 billion to donor advised funds in 2021.*

*National Philanthropic Trust – Donor Advised Fund Report 2022

Philanthropic giving solutions

There’s no such thing as a right or wrong way to give. How you approach philanthropy will depend on both the financial and time commitments you can make, as well as the needs of the organization you’d like to support. Your Janney Financial Advisor can work with you, your attorney, and tax advisor to implement a strategy that aligns with your best interest, while helping to maximize the impact of your charitable giving using solutions such as:

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Donor advised funds

A low-cost way to add structure to your giving, simplify your record keeping, and receive an immediate tax deduction while you take time to decide on the qualified charities you want to support

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While offering more control and flexibility than donor advised funds, foundations are also typically more complex and costly to administer and therefore more commonly used by wealthy families who want to make philanthropy a centerpiece of their legacy

Charitable remainder trusts

Irrevocable trusts to which you can gift assets and continue to draw income from for a specified period of time; after which, the remaining trust assets are then distributed to a designated charitable beneficiary

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Charitable lead trusts

Similar to charitable remainder trusts, but where trust income is distributed for the benefit of a qualifying charity for a specified period of time, after which, any remaining assets are distributed to a designated non-charity beneficiary

Want to truly feel like you’re making a difference and part of something greater than yourself? Giving back—whether of your time, talent, or treasure—can serve to give you a stronger sense of community and greater connectedness to the lives and needs of others.





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