Are you on track to meet your financial goals?

My Net Worth is an aggregation tool that allows you to see your complete financial picture in a single online view. You can review your current Janney accounts and add outside accounts to see how each aspect of your finances can work together toward your goals.

Additional Features / Benefits:

  • Track changes to your net worth over time
  • View your asset allocation across all your accounts (by asset class, size/style, and sector)
  • Set budgets for expenses
  • Track progress toward future goals
  • Analyze cash flow into and out of accounts
  • Request transfers of outside assets into Janney

Get Started:

Once logged on to, find My Net Worth under "Portfolio & Financial Planning" in the main navigation bar. To add non-Janney accounts for that bigger-picture view, select “Manage & Add Accounts” from the drop-down list.





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