Articles by Guy LeBas

  • Murky Path Forward

    The Federal Reserve Open Market Committee raised its target for overnight interest rates 0.25%, although going into today’s meeting, economists’ forecasts were split between 0.25% and nothing; one bold group even forecast a rate cut.

  • Banking Turmoil Underscores Impact of Rate Hikes

    It’s not every day that a top 20 bank in the United States faces a takeover by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). In fact, prior to March 2023, it had been 868 days without a bank failure—the longest stretch since the founding of the FDIC.

  • March Investment Perspectives

    Read about navigating today’s conflicting economic information, how foreign central bank policies may put downward pressure on the U.S. dollar, and how investors consider factors impacting stocks as economic risks linger.

  • A Singular Obsession

    The Federal Reserve Open Market Committee raised its target for overnight interest rates by 0.25% to a range of 4.50–4.75%, the eighth consecutive meeting at which it raised rates for a total of 4.50% of tightening.

  • Debt Ceiling Debate: What It Means for Bonds

    The “debt ceiling” is a legal limit set by Congress on the amount of total debt the U.S. Treasury Department maintains.

  • January Investment Perspectives

    Our Investment Strategy Group offers commentary on reducing national debt, major fixed income themes from last year, and the economic factors weighing most heavily on investors in 2023.

  • Outlook 2023

    Outlook 2023 offers the Janney Investment Strategy Group’s baseline forecasts for the economy and equity and fixed income markets in the coming year.

  • Penultimate?

    The Federal Reserve Open Market Committee raised their target for overnight interest rates 0.50%, as widely expected and as telegraphed by Fed Chair Jay Powell in a recent speech.

  • December Investment Perspectives

    An introduction into national debt, tax-swap considerations, and stock market performance put into focus.

  • Short-Term Fixed Income Strategies as Rates Change

    An update for investors as they review their fixed income and cash strategies during this new interest rate regime.

  • November Investment Perspectives

    Why investors should stay the course, a look at premium-priced bonds, and what’s ahead for stocks.

  • Flee the Storm as It Gathers

    For the fourth consecutive meeting, the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee elected to raise overnight interest rates by 0.75%, this time to a range of 3.75- 4.00%.

  • October Investment Perspectives

    Housing market slows, Fed moving fast, and what’s in store for stocks in Q4.

  • September Investment Perspectives

    Near-term uncertainty, quantitative tightening measures, and preparing for September stock activity.

  • August Investment Perspectives

    Recession definition, monitoring moves by looking at bond market volatility, and is the tide turning for equities?

  • July Investment Perspectives

    Recession possibilities, the credit cycle and its phases, and expectations for equities.

  • Outlook 2022: Mid-Year Update

    Among the many concerns expressed in our initial Outlook 2022 publication, inflation has overwritten most of them. So too has the Federal Reserve’s response to it. While we did not think the risk associated with prices running at the highest in four decades would overwhelm consumer behavior so much as to thwart the economic expansion, it has clearly stunted activity.

  • June Investment Perspectives

    Finding direction with manufacturing and services data, fixed income & economic growth, and issues facing stocks this summer.

  • May Investment Perspectives

    Some things that could go right, a look at TIPS, and stocks and the midterms.

  • Investment Perspectives: The stock market correction, cautious optimism on bonds, and market's needed consolidation

    Monthly commentary on timely investment and economic issues by Janney analysts Mark Luschini, Guy LeBas, and Gregory Drahuschak.

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