You want the tools, systems, and processes to serve your clients’ and your business’ needs well. From a comprehensive range of investments to a secure client portal (Online Access), to business-management tools such as Client Relationship Management (CRM) software and marketing support, you’ll have all that you need here at Janney. We provide integrated proprietary and third-party systems to ease the process of managing your operation and growing your business. You’re able to create, implement, and stay on top of your clients’ accounts easily, using planning, investment modeling, trading, and performance review systems that work together.

Client Splash Page

This Janney-designed page integrates key client data with related information from other platforms into one easy-to-use tool.

  • Asset allocation
  • Review gains & losses
  • Performance snapshots
  • Capture & review notes
  • Upload data to other planning tools
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FA Dashboard

The Janney FA Dashboard is designed to help you analyze and plan your business with in-depth business analytics.

  • Review production
  • Assets under management
  • Performance snapshots
  • Ranking
  • Filter by account
  • Filter by household
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A Secure Client Portal

Our client-facing tools, such as our secure client portal, Online Access, lets your clients stay connected to their accounts and progress toward their financial goals. This state-of-the-art portal delivers an experience that reduces your everyday account-maintenance burden and fuels better financial planning conversations.

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Janney provides programs that work together to help you create the right financial solutions for your clients.

Financial Planning

Janney’s financial planning platform empowers you to initiate a holistic approach to client data collection and financial planning that center on clients’ goals and objectives

Client Reporting

The Client Reporting tab gives you and your teams the ability to create on-demand performance reports for clients with over $100K of household assets or clients with fee-based accounts. Reports can be run as of previous days’ close or last business day of every month, for one account or specified account groups, and the FA has the ability to select which pages to include.

Contact Management System

Janney’s Client Relationship Management (CRM) tool is a Dashboard that integrates a myriad of client and account information at your fingertips, and a client communication and social media platform that allows you to share timely perspective with your clients.

Morningstar Portfolio Planner Advanced

Morningstar Portfolio Planner Advanced is the industry standard in modeling asset allocations using individual securities, ETFs, UITs, and mutual funds. By integrating with the Janney Client Splash page, you can quickly transition from analyzing current accounts to proposing changes in client portfolios.

Vestmark Trading

Vestmark Trading is a web-based trading platform designed to help you efficiently trade in their discretionary Pioneer and Compass model portfolios and block-trade across multiple accounts. Filterable heatmaps and other trading tools increase efficiency and help determine models or accounts that are drifting from their target allocation.

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