Effective June 28, 2024


Household Service Fee (Annually)


*The annual Household Service Fee will not be assessed if your overall relationship with Janney meets any of the following three criteria3:
1. eDelivery Enrollment (via Janney Online Access)
2. Fee-Based Investment Program Participation
3. Household Asset Value of at least $250,000



Margin Interest Rate, $20 Minimum

Late Payment5

Margin Interest Rate


Janney Advantage® Checkbook Requests


● Two-Day Delivery Check Order Request


● Three-Day Delivery Check Order Request


Check Disbursements


● Overnight FedEx Delivery


● Overnight with Saturday FedEx Delivery



● Outgoing Partial Account Transfer


● Outgoing Full Account Transfer


1. Janney Householding Definition: Janney will consider all of the accounts within a household in determining the applicable level of benefits and fee waivers for such accounts. Janney defines a household as a group of accounts with the same Social Security/Taxpayer Identification Number serviced by the same Financial Advisor (“FA”) or FA Team. Additionally, at the discretion of your FA or FA Team, two or more households may be linked together to qualify to receive certain benefits and fee waivers if the accounts within the linked households are owned by members of the same family. Janney defines family as parent, grandparent, child or grandchild. Certain accounts, such as an ERISA retirement plan account, are not eligible for certain benefits and fee waivers.

2. The Household Service Fee will not be prorated or rebated based on the length of time an account is with Janney and is in addition to fees charged in connection with the management of the account such as advisory fees, commissions and other trade execution related costs, and other fees disclosed in the Schedule of Account Service Charges. Additional information regarding fees and investments costs can be found in Janney’s Form ADV Part 2 – Investment Management Disclosure Brochure and Wrap Fee Disclosure Brochure, Equity and Options Commission Schedule and the Regulation Best Interest Disclosure (available on Janney.com) and the agreements governing your Janney account. 

If a household is subject to the fee, the following hierarchy is used to determine which account the fee will be assessed to, with Category 1 assessed first and Category 5 assessed last: 

Category 1: Joint Accounts

Category 2: Individual Accounts and Trust Accounts

Category 3: Corporate, Estate, Non-Profit, Partnership, Investment Club

Category 4: UGMA/UTMA

Category 5: IRA Accounts Only*

For each category, the account with the largest value will be assessed. For example, if a household with two single accounts and one IRA is subject to a fee, the single account with the highest value will be assessed. 

*An IRA account will only be assessed the fee if it is the only account in the household or one of multiple IRA accounts in a household with only IRA accounts. If there is more than one IRA account in a household subject to the Household Service Fee, each account will be assessed a prorated fee.

3. Household Service Fee Waiver Criteria: In order to meet the eDelivery Enrollment criteria, all of the accounts within a household must be enrolled in eDelivery (via Janney Online Access) for ALL available document types. In order to meet the Fee-Based Investment Program participation criteria, at least 80% of the value of all assets in the household must be held in one or more of Janney’s Fee-Based Investment Programs. In order to meet the asset value of at least $250,000, the Family Relationship Households must equal or be greater than $250,000.

4. Prepayment: This relates to a fee charged in the event a client sells a security to cover a request for money to be distributed from their account, and the distribution of money takes place prior to the settlement date on the trade(s). Janney finances the money distributed to the client and treats such as a cash debit balance until the trade is settled. The account will be charged the greater of a fee of $20, or the interest charged based upon Janney’s margin interest rate schedule for the balance multiplied by the total days the money disbursed is financed. The interest rate that may be charged on such balance is subject to change without prior notice. Please contact your Financial Advisor or view additional information about the interest rate schedule on the Janney website at www.janney.com/rates.

5. Margin Interest Late Payment: In the event sufficient funds or securities are not received for a trade by Settlement Date, Janney reserves the right to charge interest to the account from Settlement Date until full and final payment is made. The account will be charged an interest rate based upon Janney’s margin interest rate schedule for the balance. The interest rate that may be charged on such cash debit balance is subject to change without prior notice. Please contact your Financial Advisor or view additional information about the interest rate schedule on the Janney website at www.janney.com/rates

6. Delivery fees charged for Cash Management checkbook and check disbursement requests are pass-through fees charged to Janney from vendors. Janney does not profit from charging these fees.

For more information about Janney, please see Janney’s Relationship Summary (Form CRS) on www.janney.com/crs which details all material facts about the scope and terms of our relationship with you and any potential conflicts of interest.

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