• The Race to 270

    Divining what market sector will benefit from a Republican versus Democratic White House can be a perilous exercise.

  • Resilient Consumer and Lower Inflation Bolster Soft Landing Case

    The June Consumer Price Index showed inflation easing more than expected, suggesting the Federal Reserve (Fed) is positioned to begin lowering interest rates this year. The market is assigning the highest probability to rate cuts beginning in September.

  • Easing Inflation and Labor Market Trends Suggest Lower Rates Ahead

    Job growth continued in June, but the labor market showed further signs of softening. This, coupled with recent easing inflation readings, suggests the Federal Reserve (Fed) is positioned to begin lowering interest rates this year.

  • Status and Investment Implications of Infrastructure, Clean Energy, and Semiconductor Spending Acts

    In this special report, our Investment Strategy Groups discusses the investment impacts of recent major government spending initiatives.

  • July Investment Perspectives

    In this issue of Investment Perspectives, Janney’s Investment Strategy Group examines the appetite for gold, the recent concerns around liquidity, and what to expect for stocks as the summer winds down.

  • Inflation Eases While Stocks Post a Stellar First Half of the Year

    The S&P 500 surged 14.5% in the first half of 2024, the second-best start to an election year since 1928. Encouragingly, major U.S. stock indexes remain at all-time highs...

  • Recent Economic Readings Suggest Solid Second Quarter Growth

    Given healthy economic growth with easing inflation, healthy profit growth should continue in the second quarter, led by technology-related stocks. Profit growth provides the ultimate support for stock prices.

  • Easing Inflation Bolsters the Soft Economic Landing Case

    Core Consumer Price Index was flat in May, below consensus estimate, therefore easing inflation pressures suggest that a soft landing for the economy is still achievable.

  • Outlook 2024: Mid-Year Update

    To better position portfolios for the remainder of 2024, please take a few minutes to read the ISG Mid-Year Update to learn more about their expectations for the economy, and possible scenarios for the equity and fixed-income markets.

  • Creeping Closer in This Petty Pace

    FOMC Meeting Notes. The Federal Reserve Open Market Committee left its target for interest rates unchanged at a range of 5.25 – 5.50%, the eleventh month of unchanged overnight rates.


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