• More Indicators Consistent With Future Economic Weakness

    Stocks continue to rally with the S&P 500 Index up 1.5% last week and now up 12.6% so far in the fourth quarter.

  • Consumer Demand Holding Up Well as We Start Fourth Quarter

    Current economic readings, including retail sales, industrial production, and jobless claims, remain consistent with a growing economy.

  • Earnings Scorecard: Keeping an Eye on the “E”

    After nearly every football game, coaches for the losing teams try to ease the sting of a loss by detailing some positive takeaways.

  • Thoughts on Midterm Election Outcome

    With Republicans winning a majority of seats in the House of Representatives and Democrats holding the edge in the Senate with at least 50 seats and Vice President Kamala Harris as a tiebreaking vote, we will now have two years of divided government.

  • Thoughts on Bear Markets and Recessions

    Given this year’s market selloff and concerns about a potential recession, we thought it was important to review previous bear markets and recessions for perspective.

  • Investing in Water

    We view water as a long-term investment theme that impacts many industries. This piece reviews the importance of water to life and the economy and highlights major investment implications.

  • Inflation Fever Breaking but Economic Slowdown Continues

    Stocks rallied last week after a better-than-expected CPI inflation report.

  • Business Surveys and Labor Report Consistent With Slow Growth

    Stocks sold off last week after the Federal Reserve (Fed) raised short-term interest rates by another 0.75% and Chairman Powell stated that interest rates will likely need to go higher than previously expected.

  • November Investment Perspectives

    Why investors should stay the course, a look at premium-priced bonds, and what’s ahead for stocks.

  • Flee the Storm as It Gathers

    For the fourth consecutive meeting, the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee elected to raise overnight interest rates by 0.75%, this time to a range of 3.75- 4.00%.

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