• Navigating your Medicare Options

    By understanding your Medicare eligibility and coverage, you will likely be in a better position to navigate the options that will best address your needs.

  • Optimize Wealth Transfer With Annuity Maximization

    Annuity Maximization is a strategy that moves assets from an existing annuity to fund a life insurance policy. This can potentially increase the amount of money you leave to your heirs.

  • Discover Generous New Tax Credits for Start-Up 401(K) Plans

    Establishing a retirement plan is a great way for employers to save for retirement and attract and retain valued employees. Newly expanded tax credits provide welcome relief from the costs associated with plan administration and company contributions. In fact, the tax credits may offset most or all plan costs over the first three years!

  • Which Programs Should You Consider to Cover Health Care Costs?

    With health care fees climbing, identifying a few ways to help meet those surging costs may provide you with peace of mind.

  • Leave a Larger Legacy Using IRA (RMD) Maximization

    If you don’t require the income from your annual IRA required minimum distributions (RMDs), you can reposition these distributions more tax-efficiently—and create more wealth for your heirs.

  • Remaining Disciplined During Market Downturns

    Investors who remain committed to their financial goals in the face of short-term turbulence may experience advantages in the end.

  • Health Care and Asset Protection in Retirement

    Due to the rising cost of health care, it is said that it is harder to get through retirement than it is to get to retirement. Here are a few things to consider about covering health care costs in retirement while protecting assets.

  • The Three A’s of Retirement Income

    You’ve spent your entire working life saving and investing in tax-advantaged retirement accounts like 401(k)s and IRAs.

  • 7 Strategies to Consider Before Applying for Medicaid

    Many retirees use Medicaid, a joint federal and state health care program, to cover medical and long-term care costs. Here are some strategies to consider before you apply.

  • Life Insurance: It's Not Just for Income Replacement

    This article explores some alternate considerations to leverage life insurance, outside of the traditional approach, for individuals and families with significant wealth.

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