• K-12 Education: Public and private school districts, secondary schools, charter schools, and technical school districts 
  • Local Government: Boroughs, cities, counties, towns, townships, and associated agencies and authorities 
  • Major Government: Large cities and counties, state governments and associated agencies, and authorities 
  • Transportation: Toll roads, bridges and tunnels, airports, port authorities, parking facilities, mass transit, and DOTs 
  • Utilities: Municipal-owned water and wastewater systems, water and wastewater authorities, state revolving funds, municipal gas utilities, public power, and solid waste 
  • Higher Education: Public and private colleges and universities, community and technical colleges 
  • Healthcare/501(c)3: Continuing care retirement communities, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, long-term care, acute care, specialty care, academic medical centers, and cultural and social service nonprofits 
  • Housing: State and local housing finance agencies including single and multi-family units Tax Increment 
  • Financing Districts: Redevelopment financing including commercial, nonprofit, institutional, and mixed use 
  • Green Initiatives: Energy savings contracts, renewable energy, sustainable neighborhood bonds, clean water and sewer initiatives 
  • Student Loans: FFELP and private (alternative) student loanscorporate finance expertise.

Public Finance Team

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