• Consider a Backdoor Roth if You Make Too Much to Contribute to a Roth IRA

    While the tax advantages of a Roth IRA can be very enticing, it has income limits that may exclude you from being eligible to contribute to this type of retirement savings account. But have you considered a Backdoor Roth?

  • 9 Considerations for 2023 Year-End Tax Planning

    In addition to the continued challenges brought on by inflation and rising prices, 2023 also saw new tax laws as well as anticipated changes in 2024 and beyond. This article examines what you should be aware of as you prepare for year-end tax planning.

  • Restructuring Your Assets to Qualify for Medicaid

    Medicaid eligibility is exceedingly complex. This article explains the income and asset restrictions, and the estate planning strategies to consider to restructure your assets so you can potentially qualify for this benefit.

  • Why Proper Account Titling Is Vital for Your Estate Plan

    The way your assets are distributed into accounts, and, specifically, the way those accounts are titled, can directly affect your estate plan.

  • Choosing a Corporate Trustee

    If you have determined that setting up a trust will help you accomplish your financial goals, the next step includes choosing your trustee—and if you choose a corporate trustee—deciding what capacity you want this trustee to serve.

  • Which Programs Should You Consider To Cover Health Care Costs?

    With health care fees climbing, identifying a few ways to help meet those surging costs may provide your with peace of mind.

  • The Importance of “What if” Planning

    There is a basic rule that applies to personal finance: plan ahead. But “what if” planning can provide security and preparedness when the unexpected occurs.

  • Retirement Readiness

    While investment returns are important, cash flow is the #1 driver of a retirement plan’s sustainability. If you are approaching retirement, these steps may help you understand the risks of underestimating your retirement expenses.

  • Making a Charitable Gift? Consider a QCD

    If you are planning to make a charitable gift, it’s important to ensure you distribute the funds in a manner that is tax-efficient and aligns with your needs and goals. Explore whether Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs) could be a fit for your charitable donation.

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