• Markets Enter May as Investors Assess Earnings, Data

    Since 1950, April typically produces the stock market’s second-best monthly result for the year. This year, it took a strong tech-led rally in the final two days of the month for the S&P 500 Index to post a gain.

  • Mixed Economic Signals Add to Uncertain Outlook

    While current indicators, including last week’s preliminary April business surveys, continue to indicate an expanding economy, we remain cautious on our outlook for stocks.

  • Remaining Cautious on Our Outlook

    Stocks were up again last week as earnings season saw an encouraging start with several large banks posting better-than-expected results.

  • U.S. Dollar’s Long-Term Prospects as the Global Reserve Currency

    A detailed look at why the dollar will not be supplanted as the dominant currency for global transactions and central bank reserves.

  • March Economic Readings Point to Slower Growth and Inflation

    At the beginning of every month, we get important updates on business sentiment and the labor market.

  • April Investment Perspectives

    We examine whether the recent bank failures carry further implications for the economy, determine if the shape of the yield curve is a sign of an imminent recession, and share valuable lessons as the second quarter begins.

  • Market Observations as We Begin the Second Quarter

    Stocks ended the first quarter on a positive note with most major indexes up for the year and led by large-cap growth, which rose 14% so far this year.

  • Portfolio Construction

    A home and investment portfolio are two of the most important family assets.

  • Murky Path Forward

    The Federal Reserve Open Market Committee raised its target for overnight interest rates 0.25%, although going into today’s meeting, economists’ forecasts were split between 0.25% and nothing; one bold group even forecast a rate cut.

  • Banking Turmoil Underscores Impact of Rate Hikes

    It’s not every day that a top 20 bank in the United States faces a takeover by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). In fact, prior to March 2023, it had been 868 days without a bank failure—the longest stretch since the founding of the FDIC.

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