• Outlook 2024: Mid-Year Update

    To better position portfolios for the remainder of 2024, please take a few minutes to read the ISG Mid-Year Update to learn more about their expectations for the economy, and possible scenarios for the equity and fixed-income markets.

  • June Investment Perspectives

    In the latest issue of Investment Perspective, we discuss whether consumers are choosing to save or spend, how the neutral rate of interest serves as a benchmark for investors, and how the cap-weighted S&P 500 compares to equal-weighted.

  • May Investment Perspectives

    In this issue we discuss reduced pessimism toward European equities, real yields, and whether an S&P 500 high is still ahead.

  • Behavioral Finance and Investment Principles IV

    Part 4: Endowment Effect, Sunk-Cost Fallacy, Illusion of Control.

  • Behavioral Finance and Investment Principles III

    Part 3: Overconfidence, Anchoring Effect, and Herding.

  • April Investment Perspectives

    In this issue we discuss opportunities in the Eurozone, understanding the sensitivity to volatility, and the record-breaking stock market performance.

  • Behavioral Finance and Investment Principles II

    Part 2: Familiarity Bias, Framing Bias, and Mental Accounting.

  • Behavioral Finance and Investment Principles I

    Part 1: Introduction, Prospect Theory, Loss Aversion, Recency Bias

  • March Investment Perspectives

    In this latest Investment Perspectives, we discuss the economic evolution of Mexico, the Fed’s many misconceptions, and whether there are new highs ahead for the S&P 500.

  • February Investment Perspectives

    In this issue of Investment Perspectives, we look at the key drivers in the surge for copper demand, the 2024 trends in the fixed-income markets, and what will matter most for the stock market in the long term.


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