• Portfolio-based lending

    Whether you’re buying a home, paying your taxes, funding a college education, or starting a business, your assets held at Janney can serve as a convenient source of financing whenever you need it.

  • Looking for an alternative to a stretch IRA? Consider life insurance

    Retirement account owners looking to lower tax bills for their heirs may be concerned that the opportunity to “stretch their IRA” is eliminated for most people now that the SECURE Act has passed.

  • Techniques to help mitigate the loss of stretch IRA tax benefits

    The tax rule changes enacted as part of the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act, or SECURE Act, will persuade financial planners and clients to take a fresh look at IRAs in estate plans.

  • How will the SECURE Act transform retirement savings moving forward?

    The Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (SECURE) Act, signed by President Trump on December 20, is a game-changer for the U.S. retirement system and is particularly significant for Americans with retirement plans (including IRAs) and companies who sponsor retirement plans for their employees.

  • Learn how to limit the impact of the wash sale rule

    Senior Estate Planner Mike Repak discusses various techniques to navigate around the wash sale rule.

  • The do's & don'ts of year-end tax moves

    Senior Estate Planner Mike Repak shares tips on what to do before the year wraps up to prepare for the tax season ahead.

  • 5 common investment tax filing errors

    Senior Estate Planner Mike Repak explains some common tax filing errors and how to avoid them.

  • Simple steps to prepare for tax filing

    Check it Out! Filing your tax returns can be less stressful when you take a few steps before it’s time to complete your tax forms.

  • Using insurance to help protect your income

    Protecting that valuable asset is just as important as insuring your home or your car, when it comes to your family’s safety and security.

  • Gear up for covering long-term care costs

    Check it Out! Feeling prepared to meet long-term care costs—and have the care experience you envision—is easier when you take a few steps ahead of time.

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