• College savings solutions: Considering your options

    Janney’s Head of Investment Solutions, Jessica Landis, walks through both the commonly known college savings solutions and a few solutions that you may not have yet considered to help you determine the college savings strategy fit for you.

  • 529 plans: A tax-efficient way to fund your grandchildren’s education

    Tim Herrera, Janney’s Director of Mutual Funds and ETFs, explores the advantages and considerations of using 529 plan accounts to save for and help fund your grandchildren’s college education.

  • Repaying Your Student Loans

    Now that you've graduated, your loans aren't going away, and you'll want to repay them as quickly as possible. So whether you have a small sum or a small fortune to pay off, it's helpful to brush up on some student loan basics.

  • Financial aid 101

    Financial aid can be further broken down into two types: need-based, which is based on your child's financial need, and merit-based, which is based on your child's academic, athletic, or artistic merit.

  • 5 top cybercrime trends — And how to combat them

    Cybercrime is one of the risks of today's digital world. Learn more about what's happening in cyberspace today and be sure to think before you click.

  • Look out for these top tax scams when filing your taxes

    Each year, the IRS produces a list of its “Dirty Dozen” tax scams. These scams tend to spike from December through April, but they can—and do—happen year-round. It’s wise to stay on top of the latest list of common issues—and take some simple steps to stay safe from them.

  • Data safety in the wake of the Capital One breach

    If you have a Capital One account, we encourage you to read the information below and take appropriate action.

  • What is the right amount of cash to cover your short-term needs?

    Jeff Scharf, Janney’s Director of Cash Management and Lending, discusses the different solution options for short-term cash needs, and how to determine which may be the right fit for your specific need.

  • Retirement plans for the self-employed: Choosing the right plan for you

    Janney Senior Retirement Planning Specialist, Joe McDonald, discusses some retirement plan options specifically for self-employed individuals working without any employees.

  • Will your nest egg last through retirement?

    Peter Longo, Regional Director for Janney’s Insured Solutions Group, provides some useful tips and insight on how to make smart saving and spending decisions for each phase of life regarding retirement.

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